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Using Mystery Shopping Results: Key Element of Employee Reviewsemployee_review
Has your management team considered new ways to motivate employees during performance reviews? A recent article on best practices for employee performance reviews contains suggestions for delivering more rewarding employee reviews.

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Bank "Retail-like" Strategies Enhance Customer Experiencebank sign
Once thought to be a declining delivery channel, the bank branch remains an integral part of customer experience. With troublesome financial institution performance in the limelight during the past few years, customers use face to face visits as a means to develop trust with financial institution employees.

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March 2011: Low Hanging Fruit: These Stats Show Opportunities to Best the Competition

march stats Each month, the Confero Connector brings you stats that impact customer experience within various industries. Take a look at these significant statistics that we uncovered recently: 


Customer satisfaction continues to need a boost. The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) reported that the index has not increased since mid 2009, and now reflects the biggest drop in two years. The fourth quarter 2010 index fell 0.5% to 75.3 on the ACSI's 0-100 scale.  


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25 Business Types for Mystery Shopping, Customer Experience Research and Compliance Auditsnumber 25
Confero's 25 years in the customer experience research field has allowed us to interact with various industries over the years. With our experience in so many diverse industries, we apply knowledge to new projects in unique ways. Here's a list of 25 types of businesses that Confero has worked with over the decades, by providing them with services including onsite, telephone-recorded, and email mystery shops, competitive pricing studies, retail audits, brand representation at retail, and customer satisfaction surveys:
  1. Private schools
  2. Banks
  3. Funeral homes 
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Case Studies: Compliance Audits Fine Tune Menu Tests 

case study_woman with clip board
Compliance Audits play a vital role in preparing retail locations for marketing tests. As an example, a quick service restaurant client needed to confirm that a sample of restaurant locations displayed the appropriate merchandising materials for a new menu item. Without the audit, it would be difficult for management to accurately measure the new item's sales impact.

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Confero Wins Stevie Award

Stevies Winner
We are pleased to announce that Confero was recently named winner in the Stevie Award category, "Customer Service or Call Center Consulting Practice of the Year." Confero learned that it was a contender for the award last month, and the final results were revealed on Monday, February 21 at the Eden Rock Renaissance Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. This award is particularly meaningful to Confero's customer service team because it recognizes the team's delivery of quality solutions in 2010, including many which involved quick turn around times and tough requirements.

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March 2011

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Using Mystery Shopping Results: Key Element of Employee Reviews
Bank "Retail-like" Strategies Enhance Customer Experience
March 2011: Low Hanging Fruit: These Stats Show Opportunities to Best the Competition
25 Business Types for Mystery Shopping, Customer Experience Research and Compliance Audits
Case Studies: Compliance Audits Fine Tune Menu Tests
Confero Wins Stevie Award


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