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July 2010

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July 2010: Low Hanging Fruit: These Stats Show Opportunities to Best the Competition
ABCs of An Effective Mystery Shop Program
What Would You Do With This Mystery Shopper Feedback?
Confero Retail Compliance Audit Case Studies Show Reliability and Speed
July 2010: Low Hanging Fruit: These Stats Show Opportunites to Best the Competition
redbargraph The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) study for 2009 showed a strong correlation between increasing customer satisfaction scores and rising stock prices:
  • "As the stock market rebounded in 2009, the rewards have been greater for those companies with improving ACSI scores.  On average, companies that did well in ACSI saw their stocks increase by 75 percent, while stock prices for those with declining ACSI scores rose just 22 percent over the same period. 
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ABCs of An Effective Mystery Shop Program

A:  Allow time for consideration of mystery shop goals, survey question details and possible scenarios during the set up of a new mystery shopping program.

B:  Build on the information that you gain from your mystery shops so that you can improve and redirect your program periodically.

C:  Customize your mystery shopper survey to reflect your firm's unique service and sales priorities.

D:  Deliver mystery shop results quickly to location managers so that they can share with their employees .

E:  Evaluate mystery shopping program goals every 4 to 6 months.

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What Would You Do With This Mystery Shopper Feedback?
Mystery shop results help you understand in detail how your locations perform in terms of appearance, timeliness and customer engagement through greeting, customer service and sales behaviors, product knowledge, friendliness and other factors.   The results also provide invaluable information through mystery shopper comments. Open-ended comments reflect mystery shopper observations about what they saw and heard during the mystery shop visit.  They include details that explain a low-scored area, or in depth comments on overall impressions about the visit.
Here are a few shopper comments from reports we have received in the past week or two. As you read them, consider what you would do if you read these comments about one of your own locations. Reward and recognize, or meet to discuss improvement?
  • "I appreciated that I did not have to hunt for someone when I had a question. I was very impressed with the salesperson's knowledge and willingness to help."
  • "When I asked Sue for assistance, she was short with me and seemed annoyed that I interrupted her personal conversation."  
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Confero Retail Compliance Audit Case Studies Show Reliability and Speed
 case study book
Over the years, we've been asked to conduct research with some very specific and interesting requirements.   For example, Confero recruited smokers with specific types of health insurance policies in order to test and compare the effectiveness of public quit smoking hotlines.  Often times it's not the project itself that is the most difficult for us, but the tight time frame that is the most challenging.  Here are some examples:
  • Confero delivered results for a retail reset study involving 2,000 locations within 3 days, with only 2 days notice. 
  • For a compliance project requiring quick turnaround, Confero deployed shoppers to test coupon acceptance at 900 convenience stores.  Confero completed the work within the requested time frame, and delivered the final results to the client just 24 days after the project began.
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