Calculating the ROI of Mystery Shopping  


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Mystery Shopping ROI: Suggestive Selling Online Calculator Tool

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Companies use mystery shopping, IVR and web surveys, and other measures of customer experience in an effort to increase customer satisfaction which will hopefully turn into customer loyalty.  If your company is considering starting a customer experience measurement program (or if you are already using one) it may be helpful to calculate what the potential return on investment may be.

Of course, each company's objectives ultimately determine how ROI will be calculated.  Mystery shopping programs typically focus on customer retention, loyalty, and revenue-generating behaviors such as suggestive selling. 

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25 Customer Service Corrections Effectively Measured by Mystery Shoppingnumber 25_orange
  1. Making it Difficult for Customers to Contact You: Many companies have "contact us" email forms on their websites, and for some, this is the only manner in which customers may easily contact them. Companies frequently desire to measure how easy it is for customers to locate contact information on their website. As an example, one of our clients discovered that it was difficult for mystery shoppers to simply search for a company location nearest them. Online mystery assessments uncover areas critical to a customer's ability to find and contact you. 
  2. Badmouthing the Competition: Belittling the competition can be tempting for many employees. Some employees, in an attempt to win the sale, talk negatively about the competition. Companies that suspect bathmouthing execute new training and then measure for improvement with mystery shopping. Mystery shoppers listen for specific types of information, including negative remarks about competition. 
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Did you know that Confero is on Twitter?  To see our feed, visit and check out some of our tweets on customer experience happenings and findings.  For example, on March 29th we shared information on Nordstrom's employee approach and how it ties in with customer experience.  Other recent topics include customer returns, employee performance, surveys, and customer experience technology.  Our goal is to provide you with timely updates on customer experience, so we invite you to follow us!

April 2011: Low Hanging Fruit: These Stats Show Opportunities to Best the Competition

picking pears The National Restaurant Association reported recently on key stats within the industry for 2011.  

  • Restaurant sales make a huge daily impact. Restaurant-industry sales on a typical day in 2011 total about $1.7 billion.    
  • Adults are making more healthy food choices. When dining out, 71 percent of adults say they now try to choose healthier foods than they did two years ago.


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Confero Recognized as Top Women-Owned Business  

Diversity Business recently ranked Confero #38 on both the Top 50 Women Owned Businesses in North Carolina list.  Over 750,000 US businesses had the opportunity to participate in the annual survey.  Confero and other ranked privately-owned companies will be honored at the 11th annual National Business Awards Ceremony and Conference on April 19 in Harbor, MD.  This marks the fourth year Confero has been ranked on this list.

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April 2011

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Mystery Shopping ROI: Suggestive Selling Online Calculator Tool
25 Customer Service Corrections Effectively Measured by Mystery Shopping
Customer Experience Information on Twitter
April 2011: Low Hanging Fruit: These Stats Show Opportunities to Best the Competition
Confero Recognized as Top Women-Owned Business


New Word to Know  

  Facelifting: The process of taking a hard look at traditional conversational touch points ("contact us" pages, feedback forms, surveys), and slapping on a friendlier, more empowering face than the usual run-at-all-cost one. Brands must think harder about sincerity and believability of the invitation.

Mystery Shopper Comments of the Month

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What would you do if a customer made one of these comments about your location or about one of your employees?

"My overall experience was very good. If I ever explore insurance options, I would consider calling and obtaining insurance through this company."

"The speaker at the drive-thru was not working well and I could not hear the entire offer."  

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