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Take advantage of CICS' native, web-based data offerings

March-April, 2010

StreamFoundry (SFI) offers Mainframe CICS customers the ability to modernize applications through industry standard and non-proprietary technology web-based interfaces and/or native XML communications.  If you are interested in web-enabling CICS transactions directly or through third-party application servers and offering a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), SFI's CICS Web Services experts can assist at a reasonable cost and maximum value to your environment.

From a web-enablement perspective, SFI can improve the user-experience by consolidating page views by as much as a 5 to 1 ratio, reduce new employee ramp-up-time, demystify TSO character codes with easy to follow drop down menus, and reduce the number of operators/customer service reps required to process transactions.

For more complex SOA web support, SFI can create three way communications between the web, CICS and application servers by utilizing XML and WSDL.  SFI can assist in the plan, design, architecture and execution.  Such a scenario might involve a service request call, where the data required to support the request is presented to CICS, and the data resulting from the request is returned to the requester through a third-party application server. 

CICS Web Services' use of industry standard, non-proprietary technology makes it a superb choice when implementing a B2B type communication capability.  The use of WSDL insulates both the requester and provider of the service from application or infrastructure changes, and the use of SOAP and XML provides a standard interface that works across all hardware and software.

SFI is modernizing Mainframe software environments throughout North America.  Call or write us to learn more about this offering or SFI's previous  Mainframe Software Service offerings:

Please contact us for the details.  Mainframe customers have a choice, and SFI is modernizing, implementing, consolidating, tuning and maintaining Mainframe software environments.  Your support and interest is appreciated.  Thank you. 



Marc Heimlich
SFI, Inc.
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