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SFI's Mainframe Software Savings Series
Part II - Implement/Tune Parallel Sysplex Environments
October, 2009

StreamFoundry (SFI) continues our Mainframe Software Savings Series promoting the importance of a finely tuned and operational Parallel Sysplex (PS).  With its ability to provide a single system image view of up to 32 z/OS systems, the PS is an essential tool to cost-effectively manage the Mainframe environment.

StreamFoundry is interested in assisting organizations with PS implementations and optimization efforts.  The practice is ably led by Dan St. Cyr, who was involved in the very first PS implementation at Nynex, and has been involved in PS design, implementation and support ever since. 

Dan and his team will meet with stakeholders, collect and analyze data and come back with a plan and design document with the option to implement.  Existing PS customers will benefit from a best-practices analysis in which SFI consultants will review coupling facilities, CDS datasets, CF structures and XES/XCF signaling.

The primary reasons to consider such an exercise is to:
  • Reduce software costs
  • Access a single system image view
  • Improve availability
  • Deliver automatic system recovery
  • Eliminate single points of failure
SFI is optimizing Mainframe software environments throughout North America.  Call or write us to learn more about the offering. 
For those that missed our first announcement on SFI's ability to consolidate and virtualize workload through z/Linux reducing hardware, software and labor costs, please contact us for the details.  Mainframe customers have a choice, and SFI is implementing, consolidating, tuning and maintaining Mainframe software environments.  Your support and interest is appreciated.  Thank you. 



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