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Sensible approaches to z/VM & z/Linux
October, 2009

According to IBM, over 40% of new System z workloads are z/Linux based.  Many of SFI's z/Linux clients fall into two categories; those that have an IFL and don't know what to do with it, and those that want to get off the Mainframe due to software costs. 

SFI's z/Linux Assessment can address both scenarios.  For those looking to lower Mainframe software costs, z/Linux may be able to shift fixed price third party software costs to variable costs based on usage.  SFI not only figures out how to lower software costs but also how to most effectively get your z/Linux environment up and running. 

The z/Linux Assessment is a two week engagement that will review current system and application set-up and business objectives moving forward.  Once our team of z/Linux experts understand the preferred objectives, they will sit down and address the following questions:

  • Can your enterprise lower the cost of the current z/OS environment by using zLinux?
  • Which workloads are appropriate to migrate to z/Linux?
  • What software, how many IFLs (Integrated Facility for Linux), how much memory, what network schemes,  and how much disk storage are necessary?
  • How many Unix and Wintel servers can be consolidated?
  • What are appropriate roll-out strategies?

SFI will respond to these questions in an Assessment and Recommendation document which will serve as the customer's z/Linux blue print strategy.  The results of this study will be presented to the customer at the conclusion of the second week.  SFI can also assist with implementation and maintenance.  Please let us know how we can add value.  Your support and interest is appreciated.

Marc Heimlich
SFI, Inc.
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