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SFI's Mainframe Software Savings Series
Part III - Optimize your CICS environment
November, 2009

StreamFoundry (SFI) continues our Mainframe Software Savings Series promoting the importance of a finely tuned CICS Transaction Server environment.  If CICS is the engine behind mission critical workloads, and the only solution to solving performance issues is to add capacity, then consider contacting SFI for a detailed performance tuning assessment.

Whether it is VSAM or IMS and DB2, SFI's CICS experts will spend a week on site focused on the following areas:

  • Dispatcher Tuning (CICS and Workload Manager)
  • Storage Tuning (DSA, Program and Temp Storage Management)
  • I/O Tuning (VSAM, IMS, DB2 and Logging)
  • Communications Tuning (MRO, VTAM and TCP/IP)
  • Application Tuning (LE and Threadsafe)
  • Infrastructure Tuning (Single region/Parallel Sysplex)
SFI will spend the second week off-site assessing the data points and putting together a recommendation document on how to tune the CICS environment.  Further opportunities exist to provide CICSPlex/System Manager design and/or implementation services work.

SFI is optimizing Mainframe software environments throughout North America.  Call or write us to learn more about this offering or the previous two Mainframe Software Savings offerings:

Please contact us for the details.  Mainframe customers have a choice, and SFI is implementing, consolidating, tuning and maintaining Mainframe software environments.  Your support and interest is appreciated.  Thank you. 



Marc Heimlich
SFI, Inc.
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