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IBM is ending support for IMS version 9 in November of this year.  SFI (www.streamfoundry.com) would like to assist in upgrading you to a supportable release.  Versions 10 & 11 continue to build on IBM's Information Management commitment to:
  • Building robust on demand business applications with minimal time and effort.
  • Maintaining a scalable, available and easily manageable environment.
  • Leveraging open standards and industry-leading application development and connectivity capabilities to integrate across and beyond your enterprise.
  • Offering easy installation and minimizing outages through robust autonomic capabilities.
  • Driving virtualization capabilities to increase your flexibility and optimize performance, capacity, availability and recovery.
In Version 11, IMS boasts even greater cross-platform accessibility with IMS Open Database support enabling cost efficiencies in application growth and improved system resilience.  It also delivers improved flexibility, availability, and security through IMS Connect enhancements, and from a web perspective offers simplified creation of Web services, Enterprise Java Bean components, and Java Server Pages.  New applications can run on WebSphere Process Server as well.

The Services Approach

SFI will review the number of control regions, vendor product upgrades, usermod and exit source code, general processes, current IMS release maintenance level, install window time frames, and provide an estimate as to the duration of the project. 

Once we start, SFI will address the following requirements:

  • Acquire the software (Shopz, tape).

  • Review HOLDDATA and apply the most recent maintenace, including most recent HIPERs.

  • MVS Requirements- Appropriate SVSc, termination modules, and required PTFs installed.

  • Vendor Product Requirements - Ensure vendor products supported with IMS V10 or V11 release are at compatible release levels.

  • Determine correct template to use for processing IMS log files.

  • Performance Monitoring Requirements.

  • System Automation Requirements - Need to ensure no requirements needed or at required release level.

  • ACBGEN/PSBGEN/DBDGEN Requirements - All applications will need to regenerate all ACBLIB members.  PSBGENS and DBDGENs are not required.

  • RECON Requirements - DBRC RECONs will need to be converted to IMS V10 or V11 format.

  • Staging Requirements - SMPE environment set up and ALLGEN run.  Remediate usermods and reassemble/relink all exits.

SFI would welcome the opportunity to ensure that your IMS environment remains current and contemporary.  Please respond to this note or give us a call at 781.272.4307 to discuss further.  Your support and interest is appreciated.  Thank you.



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StreamFoundry is one of the largest independent providers of Mainframe software support in North America.  With a team of over 40 consultants averaging 20 years of Mainframe software experience, SFI can address your short and long-term Mainframe software needs.

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