U.S. Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) visited the factory on Oct. 15 for a tour. The congressman last visited us three years ago following devastating flooding in our long-time Northfield factory. Our bright, new Randolph factory impressed the congressman, pictured center. "This is so exciting. I'm so happy for you," Rep. Welch said. Read more

New York firm brings meetings to life with vibrant design

The vision of Marner Architecture turned a New York law firm's meeting rooms vibrant with pristine stone, warm veneers and bright accent walls. 

The Summit bridge: A perfect solution for rooms with dividers

In this exclusive WallGoldfinger design we place Summits between two fixed tables to make one long table or two smaller tables. There is a bit more to than that, however. 

Feel the burn: Seibold Baker hosts Designer Chili Cook Off 

In life there are great competitions. For us in New England, it's the Red Sox versus the Yankees or perhaps the Patriots against anyone with a fully inflated ball. In Chicago, it's Seibold + Baker Illinois' 1st Annual Designer Chili Cook Off competition. We'll be there. Will you? 


Color us trendy

Could PANTONE�'s new it colors make it into your next furniture design? One of our concept illustrators gives you a glimpse at what these bright new colors would look like in back-painted glass.

NEW! Experts corner

Read quick tips and trends from our furniture experts. This month: veneer and how to achieve dark looks naturally.

Visit Vermont

Many of the state's farmers markets remain open through October. Add some fresh produce to your plate when visiting.