This 50-foot table designed by Swanke Hayden Connell with apron power, retractable monitors to be added onsite, walnut and brushed stainless steel is ready to ship to New York thanks to the hard work of woodworkers Gary Blatz, Chuck Fuller and Eric Hord.

Today's monitors are slim, motorized and ever popular

Today's tables, lecterns, credenzas and more feature technology, including monitors that automatically rise and retract. 


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Arbor and Summit tables store compactly freeing up space

Arbor reconfigurable multipurpose room tables store compactly in upright carts (shown right). Summit reconfigurable conference tables easily tilt and nest. 

Court is in session

WallGoldfinger creates moot courts, including judges' benches and witness stands, for the nation's leading law firms. 

A message from the CEO

We've created some new edges sure to excite designers, and at the same time save chair arms.  

Visit Vermont

Vermont is home to a surprising number of wineries, offering wine and spirits made from grapes and other fruit.