Cutting edge
New edge designs provide modern look, protect chair arms

We've put a modern spin on table edges with four new edge samples that incorporate materials like glass and metal, a slim profile and unique designs to save both the table edge and chair arms.






They are:


Our Reveal protective edge, featuring veneer, solid wood, a reveal, metal and a resin black bumper (shown in walnut and polished stainless steel)


Our Linear reverse knife edge, featuring a veneer three ply edge and a metal inlay (shown in rift cut white oak and brushed stainless steel)


Our Overlay reverse knife edge, featuring back-painted glass and solid lacquered wood (shown in low iron, acid-washed glass, back-painted white and solid maple with gray opaque lacquer)


Our Rim inset panel edge, featuring two options a "stone" resin with solid wood and "stone" resin with metal (shown in white with gray alabaster, solid maple with a catalyzed lacquer and statuary bronze)


Click on the names above to see the edges in greater detail.


We've designed these edges in part to protect both a table and chair arms from wear. The Reveal edge features a resin bumper at the bottom for chair arms to push against, giving you the beauty of a metal edge without the damage metal can cause. The reverse knife edges similarly allow chair arms to slide under the table, again preventing damage.


Each edge is also modern with its slim profile and materials like glass, stone or stone resin, and metal. We do a great job sourcing and laying up veneer, but know that today's designers are looking for the shine and white and gray colors that can be found with materials like glass, stone and metal.


We have these edges in our Vermont factory and they are in the hands of our representatives around the country. Contact us or a representative for an in-person look at one of these custom WallGoldfinger edges.  


And these edges are just a start. We are currently creating four more edges aimed at motivating designers and meeting clients' needs. We look forward to showing these in a future edition.





John Wall, CEO