Today's monitors are sleek and motorized

Today's tabletop monitors are motorized and retractable, meaning they rise out of a table's surface with the push of a button and retract out-of-site below the table surface when not in use. 


WallGoldfinger has been incorporating monitors into tables for years, saw a spike in monitor use several years back and continues to see the trend evolve toward slimmer, motorized monitors. 


Monitors are used for video conferencing, speech reinforcement, viewing information and presentations, and sometimes so users can interact, such as through electronic voting. 


Monitors are supplied by outside vendors. WallGoldfinger's role is to create a tabletop surface that exactly fits the clients' chosen monitors as well as associated hardware and wiring. Often monitors are integrated with other AV technology such as microphones.


Our CNC machines custom cut spaces for these technologies, and our woodworkers, veneer professionals and finishers ensure these technologies are meticulously integrated into a pristine tabletop surface. 


These concept illustrations show two recent boardroom tables in quartered walnut. Both feature their technology in brushed stainless steel bands. The third rendering shows a concept for a table in quartered eucalyptus and arabescato cerviaole stone. 


From the drawings you can see the monitors raised and ready for a presentation, but just how does this technology work? Our video animation shows motorized monitors in action. (Click on the image to view the video.)


If your meetings often include media or presentation viewing, a table with monitors may be right for you. 

Looking for an alternative? WallGoldfinger builds credenzas that accommodate large monitors that a whole room full of people can view.