Arbor, Summit tables store compactly

WallGoldfinger offers two reconfigurable table lines. One stores remarkably compactly. The other requires no breakdown - just a tabletop tilt - making it quick for you or your facilities team to move.


They are the Arbor and the Summit.


The Arbor is a reconfigurable multi-purpose room table that has legs that easily snap off and carts to store tabletops, legs, fixture boxes and more. With the Arbor, a whole room full of tables can fit in upright carts that take up very little room in a storage closet.


The Summit is a reconfigurable conference table that has a tilting top and casters to move tables, fit through doorways and into elevators, and nest together in a storage closet.

Both require absolutely no tools. And both represent significant savings over fixed tables when it comes to maximizing use of your valuable real estate.


We've prepared examples of how these two tables store. Click on the links below for a more in-depth look at just how compactly these tables store (shown in thumbnail at right):

If you're considering Arbor or Summit tables for your multi-purpose or conference room, send us the dimensions of your storage space(s), and we'll tell you exactly how many Arbors and Summits you can fit. 

Reach us at [email protected]