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Norwalk WALK Railroad Bridge Construction to Seriously Affect the Harbor this Summer

The project of replacing the Norwalk Metro North / Amtrak "WALK" bridge, with a price tag approaching almost a billion dollars, will seriously affect recreational and commercial maritime use of Norwalk harbor for this summer and likely all of next year.

Because of the close proximity of the construction to the aquarium and the size of the project, it has already been determined that the IMAX theatre will be demolished and that the corner parking lot at the Stroffolino (Rt 136) bridge be re-purposed as part of the construction site.

More importantly to boaters, due to construction noise and vibrations harming the harbor seals and sharks, plans have been made to "fence off" the harbor and release them into the larger "maritime protection zone". A large gate will be installed at the mouth of the harbor, and boaters will have to call the "protection zone" agents in advance to traverse the gate. Additional rules, signage and recommendations will be forthcoming.      
Polyestermite Infestations discovered in the Northeast
Researchers at UCONN - Avery Point have released findings that have created an immediate call for alarm. Their latest studies indicate that this years' periodic Polyestermites will arrive from underground 
hibernation (after a 13 year cycle) in the greatest number ever recorded. 
This year's grouping is classified as Brood V and will emerge in southwestern and southeastern Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and the extreme western tip of Maryland and head Northeast. This brood was last seen in 2005 when there were many fewer GRP (fiberglass) boats.

This year's warmer winter conditions across the Northeast probably impacted the arrival of the mites, but there have not been any reports of early sightings. After the Polyestermites complete their synchronized emergence above ground, they will develop into adults and ingest fiberglass until they begin their mating process. They only stay active for about a month to a month and a half eating at marine fiberglass, then reproduce and eventually die. After the new mites hatch from their eggs, they will burrow back underground to begin another 13-year cycle. Once underground, they will spend most of their time consuming juices from tree roots, as the do not develop the saliva required to dissolve fiberglass until they are in seventh year puberty.  

Marina service staff have been training at the CT DEEP facility in Lyme and have developed some breakthrough treatment and eradication techniques. Unfortunately the environmentally friendly ingredients normally used (i.e. Lemon Pledge, Pine-Sol and Swfter Spray) have been less successful on Brood V and more hazardous sprays will need to be used.

PLEASE EXAMINE YOUR BOAT ! If you notice any piles (Mitehills) of white powder in your bilge or near boat ribs, bulkheads or transverse sheer strakes, please notify the marina immediately!!
Unfortunately each infected boat will need to be quarantined, bagged and fogged for 18+ hours. Failure to eradicate these mites may sacrifice the structural integrity of your boat

More technical information... HERE 
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In an Abrupt About Face - CL&P WILL  
RE-OPEN the Manresa Power Plant 
Citing new EPA rulings loosening regional haze rules and the eminent repeal of the Obama era Clean Air Act, CL&P announced plans to re-activate the plant.

The former EPA rules, which targeted  sulfur dioxide pollution in urban areas and required that power plants use scrubbers and air pollution control devices to reduce emission, have been long time target of the Trump administration.

Once dubbed one of the "Filthy Five" power plants in the Northeast, the plant was hated by Norwalk boaters since it deposited an oily residue of soot daily on their decks. Sacrificial polytarps, covers, dust and painting tarps became commonplace in local marinas, especially when the wind blew from the SW (the predominant direction of summer breezes). 

It is hoped that state regulations now being proposed can stop the re-activation. If unsuccessful, stock up on blue polytarps!

Some background history... HERE 
Boating and CT Certification Courses  

Spring is Here - Now is the time to take that boating course!

The CORRECT WAY to dock... HERE 

Note: If your organization is offering courses or seminars, please e-mail the info or links to Capt. Rick: 

As CT Environmental Researchers re-opened their Chimon Island Marine Habitat center, they found animal tracks that they could not identify. After searching for similar tracks online, they connected with the Georgia State Mammal Conservation Department.

It seems the tracks were from a very rare type of rabbit, virtually unknown in the Northeast and believed to be near extinction, the Jackalope.

Initially found in New Mexico desert following early nuclear tests in the 50's, they were found to have migrated to the deep south and mid- Atlantic states in the 70's.

Boaters are requested to keep a lookout to positively identify the Jackalope and are cautioned to avoid contact.

For more info, click...  HERE

Harbor Seal Regulations for Norwalk Harbor Released 

After much deliberation, the Norwalk Harbor Commission and CT State DEEP have released an update to the 2016 Harbor Seal regulations.

Effective April 1st 2017, Harbor Seals will have the right of way in the harbor. They also cannot be "directed, herded or forced into any particular part of Norwalk Harbor or the nearby Norwalk Islands".

More importantly, "as a protected and endangered species, harbor seals that have sought protection on swim platforms,  launching ramps, gangways or floating docks have the "right of way" and cannot be forced to move".   

This winter, Norwalk Cove's "A" dock had a serious seal infestation. It was found that playing very loud hip hop music could clear the docks. However, It was found they truly appreciated Kenny G.

Read the Harbor Commission Harbor Seal Regulations... HERE 
This Month in Maritime History 

This month in 1963, one of New York City's secret maritime tragedies occurred in NY Harbor. On April 31 1963 there was a giant-octopus attack on the Cornelius G. Kolff, where the Staten Island Ferry boat was dragged to a ­watery grave with 400 souls aboard.

Few recall the harbor horror because news coverage was eclipsed by the shocking Wall Street Crash of 1963 that very day. Each year glossy fliers touting the Staten Island Ferry Disaster & the Memorial Museum begin popping up in downtown Manhattan and Staten Island. They promise an octopus petting zoo, historical exhibits and free tickets to the "Ferry Disastore" gift shop. It includes directions to the shoreline address across the street from the Snug Harbor Cultural Center.

Workers at the Cultural Center, which houses dozens of cultural groups, have been running into confused visitors wandering around the sprawling grounds looking in vain for the ferry-disaster museum.
On a Final Note,

You'll need a stronger bug spray this summer!
Happy April Fools Day !