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Cove Tattoo Parlor Enters it's 3'rd Year !

This season offering it's popular President Trump tattoo !

Prices vary by arm, thigh or butt size. 

Manresa Island Power Plant Update

The Manresa Island power plant property quietly went out to bid over the winter with two contenders,  Building and Land Technology (BLT - of Stamford boatyard fame) and The Trump Organization, bidding on the removal of the power plant and the development of the island.

Trump's organization won the bid and plans have been released to build two high rise condo towers with a large marina on the back side of the island and to build a public access salt water pools in conjunction with the Maritime Aquarium (which is being forced to vacate for up to two years due to the WALK railroad bridge replacement project).

The salt water swimming pools will be seeded with indigenous Long Island Sound fish. Feeding time for the blue fish pool will be every 4 hours with the release of small schools of bunker, with video streamed online over the Trump Cam app.

Learn the fate of the "Norwalk Stack".... HERE
Norwalk Parks' Concert Series at the Beach is Forced to go Acoustic. 

The EPA and the Audubon society have asked the Norwalk Parks Department to turn down the volume at the summer rock and roll concert series...  It seems certain nesting birds don't like traditional loud rock & roll.

In retaliation, local music lovers have pledged to drive around the park all spring playing loud rock music to "acclimate" the birds.

So far, the Piping Plovers have been immune to Neil Diamond.

Invasive Species of Plant-life Infesting Norwalk Harbor
Norwalk Harbor was hit hard over the winter by an invasive species of underwater flora (Aquaticonis Millefiori) which will need mowing in order to use the docks. The extent of the influx was discovered when the bulkheads at Norwalk Cove were being rebuilt.   

A new underwater lawnmower has been purchased and is currently holding the invasive species at bay.  Please report to management if your propellers become entangled.

Read the pamphlet issued by the CT DEEP... HERE 

Hex Marine Leaps Ahead With NEW Offering... 

Leaping ahead of the competition is what keeps Hex Marine as the premiere marine dealership in Long Island Sound.

Following that nebulous
crusade, Hex Marine has become the first Long Island Sound dealer to offer the ICON A5 seaplane.

With a 283 mile cruising range at 145 knots (air knots, not boat knots), the 2 person seaplane can take off in 1/4 mile and carry 185 pounds of equipment and safety gear.

As with the other Hex equipped boats, the A5 will include a Garmin Chartplotter / fishfinder and a bevy of safety gear.

Captain Jon Mavis will head up the flight school and instruct future pilots on waterway / airway rules of the road. (Capt'n Jon spent the winter learning how to fly!).   

To sign up for a demo flight or see more, click...  HERE
Fuel Resource Discovery at Norwalk Cove
After the installation of the new fuel tanks at Norwalk Cove last fall, it was discovered that the newly installed pump-out station and the diesel fuel tank plumbing were inadvertently connected.

Due to a very cold winter and very warm early spring, it happens that the fuel was not ruined as feared, but that the cetane ratio of the fuel was found to be higher - due to the fermentation of the mix in the fuel tank.

After consultation with Valve-Tech diesel experts and engineers from MIT, it has been determined that with proper fermentation, the cetane rating has actually improved and a revolutionary fuel booster may have been discovered.

If you filled your boat with diesel in the fall, please stop by the marine store to obtain the new ValveTech additives that will correctly ferment the diesel and waste mixture.

Read the MIT scientific journal... HERE 

Boating Courses Courses and Seminars

See the updated list...   HERE  

Navigation Update

Global warming has seemingly led to a shift in the earth's magnetic field after some years of stability. After moving almost 20 E over the winter, boat owners are warned that GPS chartplotters are showing improper positions and that manufacturers and NOAA are working to update local charts.

Since there are so many variations of machines and chart chips, the various manufacturers are struggling to update the charts in a timely fashion.

One frustrated boater discovered that if you put the right side of your right thumb next to the boat's location on the screen, the actual location of the boat is on the left side of your thumb.

Left handed boaters should use their left thumb and owners of units under 7" (diagonal measurement) should use their pinky.
New Product Rex Marine Ship's Store    

Rex Marine is proud to be the first dealer in the area with "Sea-Anchor-It", a new lightweight anchor system.

The super lightweight anchor, which resembles a mini mushroom anchor, has been tested against the Delta, Herreshoff, Danforth, CQR and Rocna (plus others), and has proven it's mettle in a following sea.

The secret to the lightweight anchor is that when stored, it is empty and when needed, you simply open the cap and add salt water, making it much heavier.  Note: Adding fresh water only works in Ponds and Lakes.

Unlike regular anchors, which require chain to help them set, the "Sea-Anchor-It" has a flat bottom, thus sets very handily.

Please stop by to see Mike and his team of "Rexperts" to assist you with your boating needs!
On a Final Note,

 Happy April Fools Day!!