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"The Mongoose" is the informal name of the "International Journal on the Reform of Family Courts" founded and published by Texas divorce and child custody attorney, Greg Enos.  This newsletter provides legal news about courts and politics as well as new laws and appellate decisions to about 2,000 local attorneys and judges.  "The Mongoose" also questions the actions of judges which seem unfair, unreasonable or illegal, but always in a factual and respectful way.   Stories that first appear in "The Mongoose" often end up on the front page of the Houston Chronicle and on television news and statewide news media.

Mr. Enos' newsletter has now played a role in the conviction of one judge and the removal or resignation of two elected judges, an associate judge and a district clerk.  More fundamentally, Enos is changing family law in the Houston area by making judges very careful about doing the right thing and by encouraging lawyers as a group to stand up together against really bad judges and policies.

Greg Enos has practiced law for 27+ years and is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  Attorney Greg Enos helps families through divorces and child custody disputes in Harris County (Houston) and Galveston County, Texas.  For more information, see our firm web site at www.divorcereality.com.
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