Sep 10, 2013
Content is King
What to Expect Next
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Internet Marketing

I'm going to continue to use the 50 Shades of Gray Trilogy by E.L. James as an example of what can be accomplished by on-line marketing even though I will probably never buy the book-just not my cup of tea. The latest figures on her book are revenues of $95 million and counting and the movie coming out next August.


Content is King of Optimizing Your Web Site

Last week, I told you that "Content is King."  More detail about what that means. First, if you get a web site designed and your web master tells you, "Send me your content for the site..." that should be a Red Flag. If they don't help you choose that content, they haven't a clue how to move your site to First Page status on search engines where 95% of buying decisions are made by consumers. This is what "optimizing" means, being on page one!


All search engines look for fresh, new keywords that match what consumers are putting into searches to find you and your book!  Not what you want readers to know. In order to write Content into your site, you need to focus on your target market, your genre and those people who read your genre. A target market for Romance would be women, ages 16-55, single or married.


Most search engines will allow you to do Keyword searches to see what consumers put into search engines. Here's an "outside-the-box" example of how a Personal Injury Attorney missed the mark in his advertising to get new clients. In his content on his web site he put words that HE wanted people to know about his business: Personal Injury Attorney, Lawyer, Legal Practice and Law Firm. A Keyword search showed that consumers looking for a PI Lawyer put in words like: car wreck attorney, 18 wheeler accident lawyer, and car crash lawyer. His site was lost in cyber space along with 20 million others.


Here are some Keywords U.S. consumers put in over a 30 day period looking for various genres to buy: Self Improvement books-34.4 million, Children's books-1.3 million, Romance Books (all areas)-333,000 searches, Cook Books-550,000,  Murder Mystery books-190,000 searches, Fantasy books-74,000 searches in 30 days.


Once you identify your genre, you do Keyword searches on that genre alone. A non-fiction book about Soul Mates (as my book is about) has Keywords such as: soul mate, soulmates, romance, relationships, self-improvement, relationship problems, God (55.6 million global searches in 30 days), love quotes, marriage. This one word "marriage" had 9.1 million searches in one month in the U.S. Do you think I want to scatter the word "marriage" and "God" all through the content on my web site??? Duh! Can you see the potential followers you can gain by using the right words in your on-line marketing efforts? 


Use these Keywords in your blogs, to optimize your videos and scattered throughout pages of your web site. However, if you use too many, Google Panda whacks you and pushes your site back. Placement of Keywords is also a "techie thing."  The rule of thumb is 2% of the words on each page can be Keywords.

What to Expect Next?
You are bound to have questions! Email me at ron@kritiwsiwebsolutions.com.  
On the last step of this series, I will tell you how to get started if you choose to pursue it. At WSI, we never sell, we inform. Your choice. 


Ron Mumford
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