August 27, 2013
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Internet Marketing

On-line marketing for writers, authors and Indy Publishers is POWERFUL if you do it right! There are 20,000,000 web sites in America and we're continuing the path to a best seller by telling you how to drive followers to your site.


Website Content

Key words in the content of your web site-scattered across all pages-enables search engine "bots" and "spiders" to move you up in page rankings. They are composed of words that consumers use to look for your book, not what you want consumers to know. Finding the words and correct placement of them is both an art and a science, it's a "techie" thing and you'll need help doing this correctly.


Content should be fresh and new. You are writers and word smiths. Use your abilities to be different. Remember, Google says, "Content is King" for moving you up in page rankings.
Your Blog

If content is king of page rankings, Your Blog is the King and the Hub of all Social Media Marketing (SMM) activities. SMM is another topic we'll discuss later.


A blog is a writer's dream. It's where you get to talk to and build your audience, in your own voice about your own subject. Over 100,000,000 people per day read blogs. And, there are web sites that list in excess of 700 different blogging groups that you can join and link into. Just think about this: If you write a blog and it is linked to 20-50 other blog sites who each have 1,000 Followers (there's that key word again), then you can see just how quickly your blog can be read by others with links back to your web site.  Are you beginning to get the idea about how to build a following?


Your blog should be 300-600 words, written about once per week with links at the end to send people back to your main web site and book sales information. It should contain calls to action: "Sign Up for My Blog," with email addresses that you can capture. It should also contain a "tweetmeme" button that will allow everyone who reads it to "tweet" it out to their tribe of friends.


Real Important: You want to interact with your readers; put a "Comments" section on your blog to encourage readers to email you with their questions. When readers write comments and testimonials-especially good ones-they do more to sell your books than you can ever do. A blog that is properly linked to Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others can exponentially grow your following 
What to Expect Next?
Setting up Social Media Pages.  


Hey! Email me at ron@kritiwsiwebsolutions.com your thoughts and comments. 


Ron Mumford
Kriti Web Solutions, LLC.

Kriti Web Solutions, LLC., located in Plano, TX has been helping businesses with digital marketing strategies, since 2009. Our Services include Custom Web Design, E-Commerce Solutions,  Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing,  & Mobile Marketing. We offer complimentary consultation to evaluate your current marketing strategies and provide you with recommendations if there is room for improvement.