August 2013
Tips on Marketing your Book
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Author Marketing Series
1. #1 Step to Becoming a Best Seller


Step#1 to Becoming a Best Seller 
Internet Marketing

We are introducing Author Marketing Newsletter Series to provide information to authors & writers on how to leverage the power of Internet Marketing to market their work & get one step closer to becoming #1 best seller!!!

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Tips on Marketing your Book

If you haven't finished your book, that's OK. Get started early in building your Following. If you have finished, you've gone through writing, editing, formatting, getting a cover design done and hopefully found an Indy publisher to get your book onto Amazon in book form and formatted it to e-books. Get your e-books on Amazon Kindle along with Barnes & Nobles Nook at the very least. You have to sell books in order to become a Best Seller 
Your Website

Mobile Web Sites are designed to be compatible specifically for Mobile Phones. They are designed with easy-to-use navigation in order to overcome the limitation of screen size on smart phones and also with limited functionality to serve mobile users on the go.
Your web site is your home base, your bookstore and your platform for building a Following for your book. It is where you "get the word out" and interact with the public. Anyone can build a web site. Is yours linked to all social media sites such as Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and numerous other sites plugging you in to the consumers? Just because you have the Icons for Facebook it does not mean that you are linked. Does your web site contain Key Words in the content driving consumers to your site and improving your page rankings? Is every element of your web site in the right position for consumers to stay on your site and go deeper? 
Google search studies have shown that consumers spend an average of 8-10 seconds on a website. If they don't see what they are looking for, they click off your site and go to another one. Consumers only see what is "above the fold" (what they see before having to "scroll down,") in that first 8-10 seconds. Here are Must elements of every web site on the first page: 
  1. Testimonials and Reviews-Placed at bottom left above the fold, first place consumers look, a credibility area. Consumer reviews sell more books than you can.
  2. Contact & Book Ordering information-Top right on your site. Call to Action, make it easy for consumers to buy but never sell on your site, improper on-line etiquette.
  3. Social Media Icons (FB, Twitter etc.)-Prominently displayed at top of site, linked.
  4. Key Word-rich content-Header Stating Book Title, Author Name.
  5. Blog-Your mini-social media connection. Must have a tweetmeme button, for consumers to tweet to others. Fastest way to build a following. A Blog is key to Social Media Marketing.
  6. Author Bio, Avatar (your picture or symbol). Readers want to know about the author.
  7. Videos placed at side of page if you have them. Put on YouTube. "Optimize" with Key Words.
What to Expect Next?
The next Newsletter will cover writing content with Key Words and explain some of the above. It's all about building

Followers over a period of time. Followers equate to buyers and readers. When you have a huge following, your sales go up. How much have you already spent with no results? 


Email me at ron@kritiwsiwebsolutions.com with your questions on Step # 1.  


Ron Mumford
Kriti Web Solutions, LLC.

Kriti Web Solutions, LLC., located in Plano, TX has been helping businesses with digital marketing strategies, since 2009. Our Services include Custom Web Design, E-Commerce Solutions,  Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing,  & Mobile Marketing. We offer complimentary consultation to evaluate your current marketing strategies and provide you with recommendations if there is room for improvement.