Sep 3, 2013
Market your Website
Social Media Marketing
What to Expect Next
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Step#3 to Becoming a Best Seller 
Internet Marketing

Building followers for your book is first and foremost. The more followers you have, the more books you sell. If you have a website, you have to market that website. If you don't, it is just another site in cyberspace along with 20,000,000 others out there. Look at it this way. 


Market your Website

If you were running a business and paid a printer huge amounts to print a 24-page, full color brochure and ordered 5,000 of them to tell clients about your product, then, left them in the box and never distributed them, you would never sell your products and your investment to the printer would go down the tubes. Your web site is that printed brochure and you have spent money putting it up on the internet. Now you must market that site to sell your books. 
Social Media Marketing


Just because you have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google + and other social media icons on your web site does not mean that you are doing Social Media marketing. Unless they are properly linked, which is a "techie" thing, you cannot do this yourself, you have been misled. Techies help you build your target market.


I, personally, learned this the hard way after spending many dollars hoping against hope that I would gain followers for my book. It did not happen. Then, in my present job at WSI, I learned about SMM and what it takes to accomplish it. I am passing this on to you as a fellow author and writer.


Remember in the last newsletter when I told you that your blog was your spearhead into SMM? Here's the simple explanation of how Social Media Marketing works:

  • Techies link your blog to (let's say) 25 other blogs in your area of interest or your genre
  • Each of these blogs have (let's say) 1,000 followers
  • Your blog goes out to your followers and 25,000 other followers of the linked blogs
  • Your blog contains links back to your web site. You have potentially gained another 25,000 followers if they choose to "follow" you and like what you write and buy your book and tell their friends.
  • Techies set up your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google + and Pinterest pages with Key words to move you up in search engine ratings. Your blog is linked to all of these accounts and leads followers back to your web site and links you to where you sell your books--Amazon, Bookstores etc.
  • YouTube videos and book trailers, Facebook notices, Tweets, Google+ and Pinterest posts are all linked to your blog and your web site. People "re-tweet" your tweets to all of their followers, YouTube visitors pass along your book trailer to their friends and "voila" how fast does your "following" multiply through these pages as well? One YouTube trailer that goes viral can make a Best Seller by itself. It's happened before! 


What to Expect Next?
This is Social Media Marketing! Next week, we'll talk about Content and Key Words. 
Feel free to contact me with your questions at ron@kritiwsiwebsolutions.com or call 469-682-8572.  


Ron Mumford
Kriti Web Solutions, LLC.

Kriti Web Solutions, LLC., located in Plano, TX has been helping businesses with digital marketing strategies, since 2009. Our Services include Custom Web Design, E-Commerce Solutions,  Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing,  & Mobile Marketing. We offer complimentary consultation to evaluate your current marketing strategies and provide you with recommendations if there is room for improvement.