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August 2015                              FRANÇAIS    ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ   INUINNAQTUN
Safe advantage news
Making it easier for you
Safe Advantage is the WSCC's safety incentive program to ensure accountability for increases in assessment rates due to poor health, safety, and return to work practices, and unreasonably high claims experience costs. It targets employers with three-year average assessments of over $40,000, rewards those with proven practices, and penalizes those who fall short.

This year's Management Practices Questionnaire (MPQ) for Safe Advantage employers introduces some new features!

The questionnaire now automatically tallies your results as you complete each question, so that you know your score when you're ready to submit. Also, you can now complete and submit the questionnaire online! Fill it out and click the Submit button at the bottom of the form to email it directly to the Safe Advantage Specialist.

To see the new forms, as well as find out more information on how to complete them, click here.

Note that the deadline for submitting the MPQ is October 30, 2015.

Stay tuned for the publication of an upcoming resource to help employers understand the legislation behind some of the questions we ask on the MPQ.  It includes a list of WSCC resources that can help you build and maintain your safety and return to work programs.

Want to find out more about our Safe Advantage program, or have questions? Contact the Safe Advantage Specialist!
what's new
WSCC Publication Highlights

We have several new resources ready for you to check out!

Importance of Reporting Materials

Are you aware of when you need to report accidents and incidents to the WSCC? These fact sheets and posters explain reporting requirements in an easy to understand way for both workers and employers.

These materials are available in English, French, Inuktitut, and Inuinnaqtun, and include:
WHMIS 2015

With the introduction of the new Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) 2015, WSCC, with help from both the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety and WorkSafe New Brunswick, developed materials to help workers and employers familiarize themselves with the updated system.

Check out:
Looking for copies of any of the above materials? Email us with your request, including quantity and language, and we'll be happy to mail them out to you!

WSCC's Quarterly Updates

Wondering what WSCC has been busy doing so far this year? Check out the first of the 2015 Quarterly Updates to see our progress on key objectives.
stay tuned
e-business coming this fall

WSCC is launching e-business this fall, making it easier for you to do business!

WSCC Connect, our e-business portal, is launching in October with three services aimed specifically at employers.  WSCC Connect will grant you instant access to:
  • Make A Payment;
  • View Assessment Rates; and
  • Obtain a Clearance.
Employers will receive an invitation and registration information in the mail prior to launch.

New services will continue to roll out. Stay tuned for more details on what they will be, and when you can expect them!
WSCC Around the world

WSCC's Lex Lovatt, Inspector of Mines/Mine Rescue Coordinator, as the Canadian Representative to the International Mines Rescue Body (IMRB), is presenting at the 7th IRMB Conference in Hanover, Germany from September 6 to 10, 2015.
This presents an opportunity for Lex and the WSCC to continue to share important mine rescue knowledge and experiences with other organizations and people across the world.  It also shows that the Northwest Territories and Nunavut have a progressive approach to Mine Rescue that is well respected the world over.
If you have any questions relating to Mine Rescue, contact us at 1-800-661-0792!
check your payroll
the time for revisions is now
Employers, now is a good time to review the payroll estimate you provided for 2015. The WSCC is sending out payroll revisions to all employers at the end of August.

Reporting significant changes in your payroll estimate throughout the year is the easiest way to avoid penalties for underestimating. To report changes, complete a Payroll Revision form and return it by email or fax to 1-866-277-3677 in the Northwest Territories or by email or fax to 1-866-979-8501 in Nunavut.

If you have any questions on revising your payroll, contact Employer Services in Northwest Territories at 1-800-661-0792 and in Nunavut at 1-877-404-4407. 
office closures
take note
Labour Day - September 7, 2015
(Northwest Territories and Nunavut offices closed)
To report a serious injury, incident, or fatality, call the 24-hour Incident Reporting Line at 1-800-661-0792. 
Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission
Northwest Territories & Nunavut   /  1.800.661.0792   *  /  1.877.404.4407