Sweet Adeline Lake Ontario Region 16 Newsletter
August 2016
Hats Off To Harmony & Young Women in Harmony!

Have you marked it on your calendar yet?
DATE:    November 11th - 13th, 2016
PLACE:  Adam's Mark Hotel & Event Center, Buffalo, NY
FACULTY:  Tori Postma


FREE all day on Saturday November 12. 
More details to follow!
Do you know someone 25 or under who would like to attend and participate? Email Pam Calveric  pamcalveric@gmail.com and she will send music and learning tracks for the songs for the day. This is a great idea for daughters, nieces, granddaughters and neighbors! 

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New Members!  Wahoo!
Limestone City Voices Welcomes
  • Lisa Fullerton

Pineridge Chorus Welcomes:

  • Kim Stokes
  • Cydele Fadeeve 
  • Lara Newman
Let us know who your new members are and they can see their name
here too!

Update from our Membership Coordinator
Hello Ladies of Region 16!

I can't believe how quickly the time has flown since our Regional Convention and as usual, summer is a very busy time for our choruses; we're performing in festivals, having open houses, conducting director searches, organizing fund raisers, preparing for shows, having social events, finalizing International packages, attending educational events and even taking some well-deserved summer breaks!

I'm looking forward to seeing how Region 16 spent the summer in future 16th notes!

With all of that going on, I wanted to give you an update on the Region as a whole.  In case you missed seeing it in last month's newsletter, Rochester Chorus has dissolved, and I'm sorry to announce that Skyway Connection has also dissolved as a Sweet Adelines chorus.

We know that declining membership has been a concern in the past few years, and in addition to supporting your chorus membership initiatives to attract new members, we're looking at some ideas and tools at the Regional level that will help make it easier for singers to find our choruses.

While it's always sad to lose a member or a chorus, we must also ensure we are addressing the needs of the existing 947 strong members (including CAL) in 22 choruses.

Our Region is friendly, well educated, consistently high achieving, financially sound and has excellent musical and administrative leadership. We are continually improving and evolving, in a Region that covers a large geography in 2 nations.

Membership fluctuates.....it's a fact of life, but the best thing you can do to help your chorus and  the Region to grow is to remember why you joined and why you stay.

If you have passion for this art form.... if it has changed your life, then spread the word and help other women find the joy that you have found as a member of Region 16!

In Harmony,
Andrea Thorne-Percy
Membership Coordinator

A Message from our International President , Paula Davis
On August 12, 2016 all Sweet Adeline's were sent a message from International President Paula Davis providing further clarification of how to obtain arrangements in order to meet your musical needs. 
To ensure that all of our Region 16 members received that message, we are including a link to Paula's message below. 
If you have any questions, please let us know.

Quartet Corner
Are you having a lazy, hazy, crazy kind of summer?
Some quartets are more relaxed about rehearsals, some are gung-ho to get going on new music now that the competition season is over. However you manage your quartet life, I encourage you to check out the Region 16 website for some fabulous reading. I have chosen three articles today to recommend because the information included can be applied to both chorus and quartet. To find them on the site, scroll down in the Education and Resources Menu Click here for direct access to the Education area of our website, and on the documents names below for direct access to the specific articles.
  • The first is called "Emcee Do's and Don'ts". I am sure you have been in an audience when you have been exposed to stellar and no-so-stellar emceeing. This is a concise list of ideas to consider as you prepare for any performance.
  • Another very helpful list is entitled "Make Money Singing". There are pages of tried and true tips, appropriate for both choruses and quartets. This list may spark your creative Marketing talent. If not, you can create from it your own To-Do list. You won't even have to come with ideas of your own. You will realize how doable many of these things are and that they are fun!
  • The third tool I found very helpful is a sample of a "Performance Info Sheet". The organizing person who likes to keep track of details can help out the scatter-brains by communicating all the required information about a performance including directions, costume pieces, audience etc. (Have you ever been frustrated by someone showing up with the wrong earrings? Or have YOU been that person who is late because you didn't double-check the directions?) It also provides a great record of where you have performed, how much money you made and... the contact info of the person in charge for you to contact next year.
These three resources were from just one of Region 16's education events. It was from the June 2016 Quartet School and Administrative Leaders Training in Oshawa.
I invite you to charge up your tablet and spend a lazy afternoon in a hammock browsing through the education section of Region 16's website. You will not be disappointed. You may even download an article or two to pass along to a chorus member or a quartet mate. HAPPY LEARNING!
Paula Allen
Quartet Coordinator

Lotsa' News from GKC!!!

Although we are on break for the next few weeks, there have been some very exciting things going on at GKC!!

After all the chorus competition results across the entire organization were tabulated, and decisions made by some 600+ scoring choruses regarding which International contest they wished to compete in, GKC learned that we had been invited to compete in the Harmony Classic, Division AA Chorus category in Las Vegas in 2017!!! Needless to say, we are thrilled by that news and rarin' to go!! (More on that later on!)

On the first Saturday in June, as we do every year, we entered a team into the annual Relay for Life walkathon and raised money for that extremely worthy cause for cancer research. Our team is known as 'Deb's Divas', in memory of our long time member and friend, Debbie Lloyd. The team had a great time and so our thanks go to Linda Steinberg, Phyllis Vaughn, Hazel Douglas, Faye Hoadley, Denise Kingsbury, Emi Nakazawa, Karen Harmen and Suzie ThomsonLafosse and the pledges they received for a job well done!! They even enticed a new prospective member to come out to rehearsal!

We also had a very successful show on June 18th, this time in the form of a BBQ dinner, interspersed with performances by the chorus and our two great quartets, Splash and Walkin' on Sunshine, as well as a silent auction with an assortment of wonderful things to bid on. Co-chairs Sue Easterbrook and Michele Weaver and their team did a fab job. It was also the last performance by our co-Master Directors Paula and Nancy! We got the chance to thank (er..roast!) them a week or so later at our annual end of June pot luck/pool party, at the lovely home of one of our members, Lindy Zywot. Always tons of good food and lots of fun!!
And now for the really BIG NEWS.... GKC is very excited and happy to announce that we have a new Director!! We are thrilled to welcome Andrew Carolan, a newly arrived, young dynamic 'Aussie' who comes to us from Brisbane, Australia!!  Andrew sang baritone in the multiple medalist AND champion quartet 'The Establishment', was baritone section leader, and was also assistant chorus director. His girlfriend is a Kingstonian, so sadly for Australia, their loss is our gain! Welcome to Canada and to GKC, Andrew!  We can't wait to work with him and see where he will lead us!!!

Such exciting times!!
Submitted by Marilyn O'Connor
Limestone City Voices
Summer greetings from the Limestone City Voices! 
LCV got the summer started with the installation of our board of directors. The same night, we welcomed our newest member, Lisa Fullerton, to the chorus.
On July 17th, LCV performed at the Lady of Fatima Church in Kingston for a fundraiser.  A fun time was had by all!   In this hot weather, after working on our exciting new music and choreo, we enjoy going out together for ice cream!
Jasmine Sweet
Pineridge Chorus
We Missed Syracuse!!

That's right - Pineridge Chorus did not travel to Regional contest this year, but we still were able to be evaluated on our performance. How was this done? Here is our Director's message about how it all works.

On a personal note, to any director interested in knowing about this video submission...I have to tell you that it was a very positive decision for Pineridge Chorus. Knowing that performing on the contest stage was going to be difficult for us this year, we forged ahead with this plan and it gave us the same focus as if we were competing in Syracuse. We continued with our coaching, choreo, costume and makeup strategies as if we were competing.  I am 100% in favour of being on the contest stage but I realize for some choruses this can be difficult, therefore this option is the next best solution as you get the judges' comments (given to you at the end of contest like everyone else)to move forward with. If any of you have questions about the particulars, I'd love to share with you.  Thank you SAI for making this option available.  
Linda Morrison
Director, Pineridge Chorus

But we missed the whole Sweet Adeline experience! Making the video was good, but not as enjoyable as actually being with all our sisters in person. Our Director, Linda Morrison, went to contest, with her quartet,
S. L. A. M!, who had also helped us in making the video. The rest of us watched the telecast, live, on a big screen TV at the home of one of our members. We laughed, we cheered, we ate, we drank, and almost felt we were part of the festivities. We sang with the audience, and enjoyed our own camaraderie, but are definitely looking forward to being in Syracuse next year.

In June, we held our annual Spring Tea, (see photo), which was well attended, and appreciated by friends, family, and community members. Of course we sang, but also got to listen to S.L.A.M! Serenade our guests. We are so fortunate to have their support, as well as the support of our local community at this fun event.
In this photo, the gal on the right (with the white fascinator) is Miriam Dorriesfield - our new Sweet Adeline of the Year!! We also welcomed new members Kim Stokes, Cydele Fadeeve and Lara Newman, who are all embracing the spirit of Sweet Adelines. 

At our annual Installation Meeting, we were honoured to have Stephanie Foley, Baritone in S.L.A.M! Quartet, preside over our ceremony. We have now had all of the members of S.L.A.M! perform this duty for us, in subsequent years - except for our own Director, Linda Morrison. They will be a hard act to follow!

In summer, Pineridge Chorus has Pot-Luck meetings at members' homes, including rehearsals in a more relaxed setting. Members are such good cooks, we really look forward to the treats, and keeping in touch with each other, until regular rehearsals start again in September. Our Guest Nights will be 19 and 26 September, when we hope to introduce new people to the joy of singing with such a marvellous Chorus.
We wish all our sisters in harmony a fun and enjoyable summer, with lots of singing!
Chorus Events!
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Director Search Ads!
If you know anyone who is interested in directing one of the two choruses below,
please share these ads with them.
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We Want YOU!
In compliance with the Regional Handbook Election and Appointment Procedure, applications for specific Coordinator Positions to the Regional Management Team Term 2017-2019 are now being accepted.  

If there are members of your chapter who possess the desire, interest, qualifications, a history of experience in chapter administrative positions or training in a field that would be of value to the Regional Management Team, we invite them to complete  and submit an application.   
We ask that you access the electronic Application form on the Region 16 Website  (www.saregion16.com )  by clicking onto "Forms" under the Resources pull down on the Home Page. 

A list of Coordinator job descriptions may be found on the Region 16 Website homepage under "About us" Regional Management Team, as well as in the Regional Management Team Handbook ( Pages  11-18 through 11-23) ) located under Member Resources on the Home page of the SAI website, Document Center.

The Regional Management Team in conjunction with the Regional Nominating committee, will review applications and appraisals to make the necessary recommendations/appointments for a 2 year term beginning May 1st, 2017 and ending April 30th, 2019 for the following available positions:  
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Events Coordinator
  • Finance Coordinator
  • Directors Coordinator 
The deadline for submission of applications will be August 31st, 2016. Applications will then be reviewed and appointments finalized at the January 2017 meeting for Term May 1st 2017- April 30th, 2019.
If you have any questions regarding this application process, please  feel free to contact Sue Heighway 
We'd love to have you on our team!

SAI International Convention
October 18-22, 2016
Las Vegas, NV
Fall Music School
November 11-13, 2016
Adams Mark Hotel,
Buffalo, New York
International Guest Faculty
Tori Postma
Master Director - Mountain Jubilee Chorus
Sweet Adelines Region 16
Sue Heighway - Communications Coordinator