Sweet Adeline Lake Ontario Region 16 Newsletter
May 2016
What a great weekend in Syracuse!  The excitement of walking across the contest stage, of seeing old friends and meeting new ones and the joy of sharing our awesome hobby with each other definitely makes the year of hard work worth it!
Congratulations to both North Metro and Power Chords!  Amazing performances and such great heart warming and proud moments during both the quartet and chorus award ceremonies.  We are extremely proud that you are members of Region 16!
Just a reminder to please submit your articles by the end of the month for the next month's issue. Of course there is always a bit of room so if you're a few days late, it's not a problem at all. 
As we start our new year, just a reminder to all Presidents / Team Leaders to please submit your new chapter officer list so that we can keep the website up to date.  If you have not yet done so, you can email it to me directly using my email address below.
I hope you're enjoying this new monthly format, and that you feel more connected to each other than you have in the past!
As always, please let me know if there is any specific you would like to see in these newsletters, and we will do our best to include it.
Sue Heighway
Region 16 Communications Coordinator
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A word from our outgoing Education Coordinator
5 years - could it be true? I have had the pleasure of being Region 16's Education Coordinator for 5 years!
When I took this job in 2011 I never expected that I would be the one who was being educated while planning the education path for Region 16.   I learned so much about how to plan events that would bring us all together.    I have had the pleasure of meeting so many of you and helping you through some trouble times and celebrating the good times. 
The Education Coordinator position might seem like a daunting job, but the members of the RMT are such incredible supporters of one another.   As a result the job always got done!  I also want to thank the coordinators who are an extension of the education coordinator position.     Their help has been incredible, and made my job seem that much easier.  
It has been a pleasure serving the Region in this capacity and now, with mixed emotions, I pass the Region 16 education baton to Sue Melvin. Sue is perfect for this job, and I am confident that she will continue to plan an amazing education path for all members of our region.
I look forward to seeing each of you you at upcoming events.   Thanks for your support throughout the past 5 years. 
Pam Calveric
WOW!! What a fabulous weekend our chorus experienced in Syracuse!! 
The Region is aware that June unfortunately had a very bad fall in February which resulted in a broken leg.  As of today, three months later, she is in a convalescent residence and, of course, very anxious to go home and get back to North Metro and Sweet Adelines.  As you can imagine North Metro was devastated when it became apparent that the Director we considered our rock, our security, someone we had relied on for many years, would not be able to take us into the Regional Competition this year - the first time in 45 years.  For many choruses that may have been the end of plans to compete.  However, we were very blessed to have Erin with her multitude of talents agree to step in and take on this challenge for the first time.  We were honoured to win the contest under her direction and to qualify for Las Vegas in 2017.  We are proud to say that Erin also won the Novice Director's award and the Leadership Excellence Award to top off a wonderful weekend for our chorus.  June watched every moment of the webcast and we kept her engaged through FaceTime with every aspect of the competition.   
We celebrated our Board of Directors with our annual Installation night on May 4th. International Board member and North Metro member, Thérèse Antonini, led us through a lovely Installation program and followed that with a productive session where we all participated in Goal Setting for the future of North Metro. We were all thrilled when June arrived at the rehearsal hall for the first time since her accident. The building, elevator, hall, and tables were decorated with "Welcome Back" signs and the chorus formed an arch for June and her wheelchair to arrive into the hall.  She took an active part in our Installation program and directed us in a song from her wheelchair.   We were ecstatic to see her and hope to see her back on a more regular basis very soon!!
We are preparing for several coaching sessions over the next 18 months and we look forward to the challenge that is the International stage. We wish Buffalo Gateway Chorus, Spritzer, and Power Chords the very best as they prepare for International in October.
A smaller version of North Metro will be on the show stage for the Muskoka Music Men/Gateway Harmony Company's show on August 20th at the Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville. Julie Orchard will be directing this group of chorus members.
Thank you, Region 16, for your many years of support. Every year, in the spring, we gather to watch our fellow chorus and quartet members perform for the judges and for us. Our Region 16 audience is like no other. The love we have for each other is felt by each competitor and we are grateful to call Region 16 home.
Suzanne Askin

Well, Region 16, you did it again! You made our chorus feel like we are the best in the world. Erin Howden said it wonderfully during contest weekend, adding that she wouldn't apologize for it and I can't imagine any one of us minding that she spoke on our behalf. Region 16 IS the very best region in this organization! I have, personally, been in Sweet Adelines almost 30 years and though I've never participated in another regional competition, I can't even fathom what I could possibly be missing.
Buffalo Gateway was so pumped to perform our outgoing package and we never expected our planned 60's themed set to gather such free love from all of you. We shook and surfed our way into a gathering of all of our esteemed directors on the stage where we honored them, deservingly, with what seems to have become our regional ballad, "Time for You." The feeling that grew when everyone in the hall joined in a singing tribute to the directors who fearlessly lead us week after week, was astounding. It was quite the event.
Since we placed first last Spring, BGC has experienced amazing coaching, moments of incredible ringing chords and fun times with our chapter Sisters. Through our annual show, Christmas cabaret, January as well as August coaching, and our star-studded retreat, we circled right back to the stage in Syracuse. We have been working incredibly hard under the expertise of our one and only Di. She certainly is our driving force each rehearsal, where she demands we perform our best. We are always perfecting our technical performance, though it is the freedom and expression by which we perform, that thrills us and translates into masterful singing to the audience. You, our regional Sisters, sure helped us to feel on top of the world with your standing ovation for our efforts. Our hearts are still overflowing.
We want to congratulate all competitors from this year's contest. There was only amazing singing on that stage and we especially congratulate Erin and North Metro chorus for their winning performance as well as our own Power Chords, coming out (still surprised) on top of all of the wonderful quartets.
As we make our big preparations for Vegas, baby, we are also scripting a fun and humorous look at the 1960's for our September show. One liners and a crazy cast of characters will invade the stage. Also in the works for the coming months is a chicken BBQ fundraiser. It will be exciting to see the looks on faces of our customers who are serenaded as they pick up their dinner order.
When we take the stage at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas a mere 6 months from now, we are excited that some of you will be with us, cheering us on, sending your love through us to the world. Region 16 is the most supportive union of women, in addition to the bond we have with our own choruses. We plan to do you proud!
Happy singing, everyone!
Leigha M. Eichhorn
I am Sweet Adelines!

Greater Kingston Chorus is a happy chorus with lots of things on the go!
In March we sponsored the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Organization. Two teams of six members had a fun afternoon of bowling. Greater Kingston was able to receive sponsorships earnings of more than $800.00 for the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters Organization.
April is always a busy month. We shared a song or two with a large crowd in the Kingston Mall. There is nothing like singing for people all around you, both upstairs and down. Next on our agenda was Family and Friends Night with over 100 guests. Many members received their longevity pins and one member accepted her 30 year pin.
That night a special award was given to a very proud new member, Susan Easterbrook, who si ngs with joy and just has a fun time each week. She showed us that she loved our chorus. I remember at fall music school, she stood up and let everyone know that she was SWEET ADELINE. This award was given in memory of Debbie Lloyd who would have been proud of our choice. Deb was a Sweet Adeline through and through loving everything about the organization. 
Friday night in Syracuse is always a special night for Greater Kingston Chorus. We were on Broad Way this year and all walked the red carpet. There were awards for the best picture, best book and of course the best song. All were dressed the part in long gowns, diamonds and lots of sparkle. How fitting it was for us to recognize the Sweet Adeline of the Year, Suzie Thomson- LaFosse, that night. We walked the red carpet together.
It is always so nice to reconnect with friends from other choruses at competition. Wasn't that a fabulous contest! Congratulations to everyone who crossed that stage and gave it their best performance ever. Whether it resulted in a ribbon or a metal or not, we are all winners because Region 16 just keeps getting better every year!
Of course I have to give kudos to our own two quartets, Splash and Walkin' on Sunshine for their wonderful performances ... we are proud of both of you! And GKC was absolutely thrilled with our placements, particularly because it earned our hard working and talented co-directors Paula Allen and Nancy Watson, "Masters Directors" designations in their last competition as our directors! How wonderful is that!!! It was just the icing on the cake... such an emotional weekend on so many levels. Thank you to our exceptional coaches, Joan Boutilier, Erin Howden and Diane Porsch for their guidance and expertise. .. we love you , you're the best.
So now it is back to work and we are busy brushing up on our repertoire as well as learning a fun new song. Our chapter spring show will take the form of a steak barbeque with barbershop entertainment, titled " Hungry for Some Harmony"!
So save the date- Saturday June 18th. Advance tickets $30.00. There will be more information in next month's newsletter. Hope to see you there .. stay tuned.

As for all of our sisters in harmony in this great region of ours, the Circle of Harmony is still glowing after our blast of a contest weekend in Syracuse. It is always one of the most fun weekends of the year, regardless of what colour medal we bring back, and this year we were proud and pleased to come third behind North Metro and Canadian Showtime! We will be cheering North Metro on in 2017!!!! We had 8 new members on stage this showing, and they all had a lot of fun learning the mysterious ways of our Warm and Fuzzy Night where we bond,  share thanks, songs, stories, jokes, oh, and yes, rehearse! Way to go  Anna, Cathy, Debbie, Deb, Janice, Kathryn, Robyn and Sunny, on your first contest! You did us proud and we are so happy to welcome you officially after your first outing (and medal) with us to the Circle of Harmony! We took two new songs to contest this year, and we had a lot of fun a couple of nights ago watching the video of our performance. Unfortunately, the sound was not working on our projector on which a budget presentation had been shown, but we watched it anyway and it was a unique visual of our expression in the ballad and our choreography in our uptune! It was so terrific to see how some of our moves actually looked without the distraction of listening!
We loved it so much we even watched it twice!@#$%^&*()
The week before contest we had our Friends and Family night where we basked in the glow and warmth of our friends and family. It was a packed house and we had so much fun singing a collection of songs as well as our contest package. In addition, we had three quartets sing on the show, YES!, Rezonation, and Just Jump! It is always memorable to sing for our family and friends, but this time we were blessed with an extraordinary number of alumni from the Circle of Harmony in our audience! For our grand finale, we invited these past members to come to the risers and sing It Is Well With My Soul with us. There were a few tears following that song, that is for sure.
The week before Friends and Family, we chose our Sweet Adeline of the Year, and I am humbled to say I was chosen by my wonderful Circle of Harmony sisters! I have been lucky enough to have been nominated several times, and those nominations made me feel warm all over! I am very proud to be part of this great chorus, and performing and winning medals is only a very small part of why I belong. It is the warmth and friendship and camaraderie and generosity that I feel every Wednesday evening and every time we get together! Thank you, my darling friends! 
From left to right: Leah Hansen, (Vice President), Sue Mander, SAOTY, Robynne Jamieson
Looking forward to a warm May with some fund raising BBQ's that are a lot of fun for us to do.
May the sun shine always for all our fellow Sweet Adelines!
Sue Mander
Circle of Harmony

Komedy Kwartet!

What is Komedy Kwartet you ask? 

It's an evening full of slapstick quartetting (or octetting, or septetting, or whatever you want really...) that is sure to bring a smile to your face!

This years host is Durham Shores Chorus. We have lots of performers signed up, lots of baskets to win, lots of refreshments and lots of laughs! Click HERE for a larger version of the flyer

For tickets, contact Lorraine Gagnon-Lacroix at lorrainegl64@gmail.com. 

$10 in advance
$15 at the door
$5 if you are performing
Hope to see you there!


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