Sweet Adeline Lake Ontario Region 16 Newsletter
April 2016
Even though there are only days left before we all head to Syracuse, we still wanted to send out this shorter condensed issue of Sixteenth Notes for April to share some important information with you. 
Please keep in mind to submit a short article to the Sixteenth Notes following contest so you can share some of your favourite memories with the entire region! Deadline for the May issue is April 30th
From the RMT to you... enjoy every single moment of the upcoming weekend.  We really do belong to an amazing and inspiring organization that has brought incredible people and experiences into our lives.
Sing your hearts out, smile and we will see all of you in Syracuse!
Sue Heighway
Region 16 Communications Coordinator
The Countdown to Syracuse Is On!
Our Convention team is hard at work making sure that everything is in order for next weekend! So much work goes into the planning and executing of convention weekend so please don't forget to thank them when you see them.

A Convention e-Blast was sent out on April 3rd. It's full of great information, so if you missed it please click on the link below to see it again!

It has proven to be very popular and successful and we are delighted to confirm that the quartet and chorus contests will again be webcast live in April 2016! Your co-anchors are Diane Porsch and JD Crowe.  Think of webcasting not only as an opportunity to have your fans at home watch you live but also as an education tool for yourself, your quartet or chorus. How many times have you been excited about a late draw only to realize you won't get to see any of the contest?

Well do we have a deal for you!!!! With a two week archive period, you can watch at your leisure from home! You can even host a webcast viewing party with some of your chorus sisters! Great value for money! We have reduced the webcast price to $25 USD. This price includes both the quartet and chorus contests and two weeks of archived viewing following contest. Lions Mane Productions has already configured our site so you can register any time by clicking on the following link https://www.region16webcast.com/ 
In This Issue
Region 16 Newbies!
North Metro Welcomes

Ines Ribeiro
Jenna Kellas
Claire McMartin
Stacy Hugman
Susan Sanders

We have 49 First Timers at contest this year!  That's an awesome number!

Watch for them and show them some Region 16 Support!  They'll be wearing bright pink
First Timer Ribbons! 
Past Publications
Click on the link below to see past issues of the Sixteenth Notes

Mass Sing
Friday April 15th  12:00 noon - 12:30 pm
  Onondaga County Court  House Steps
  Montgomery Street next to Civic Center
Rain Location:Civic Centre Lower Level
General Membership Class
Friday, from 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
  Carrier Theatre, Oncentre Complex

Can You Feel the Love 
Kicking It Up A Notch
Dancing Queen
Power of the Dream
Harmonize the World 
Send Your Love Out To the World
How We Sang
Thank You Dear Lord For Music
It's My Song
Time For You

Planning and Scripting for the
Open Division/Performance Package
or your Annual Show.
Presented by
Kristin Stevens & Vanessa Patterson
(Directors - Limestone City Voices)

OH MY GOSH it's been awhile since we've written! So much has happened to us these past few months!! We apologize for our inability to make the previous issue deadlines - life has been a whirlwind!
First, we had such a great time in Las Vegas!! We were busy enjoying both the excitement of competing with our quartet and our chorus, North Metro! We received such fabulous support, not only from our chorus, but from all the other Region 16 members who attended the convention or cheered for us from home. Congratulations to Canadian Showtime and S.L.A.M. on your fabulous performances!! It was so great to be able to share that stage with all of you!
It was such a great quartet contest!! We loved the opportunity to qualify as mic testers so we could share the fun songs we had planned. We never felt so relaxed on that stage! Something to be said about just having fun and sharing your music instead of worrying about the placement! We had a blast!
We would like to extend our sincere gratefulness to the Region 16 Management Team and all of you for the generous financial gifts, emails and cards we received while preparing for our International journey. There is a sense of comfort knowing you are always there with big hugs and smiles after we sing too! Words just can't explain it. Please know we are truly honored to represent Region 16 and are looking forward to hitting the stage again this year!
As most of you know, Karen, our tenor, had retired from her job last spring. She has been helping with the care of her grandchildren so decided she would like to be even more available to her family. Soon after International, Karen resigned from Spritzer. We had great experiences and many laughs with Karen and for that we will be forever grateful. We wish her only happiness and hope she enjoys what the future has in store for her.
Knowing we had limited time to find a replacement for Karen, we quickly sent out a 'search for tenor request'. It was quite a humbling experience! So many responses and inquiries we received and we worked hard to secure someone that we felt was a good fit and would share the same goals and even provide a new outlook for our quartet. We were very lucky indeed to find Joan Boutilier. What an amazing talent she is and we have had a blast getting to know her.
Joan is long time Sweet Adeline who lives near Chicago, IL. She is on the International Board of Directors, a SAI Sound Judge, a Director of River City Sound in Region 3, a Queen of Harmony Tenor with 4 Betty's AND a wife and mother of 3 adult children. We are amazed at what we have already learned from her! We can't wait for you to meet her!! Unfortunately, due to prior commitment with 4 Betty's, she is unable to join us at our Regional Competition this year.  If you would like to meet her and hear the NEW Spritzer, please join us at our Celebration Party on April 30 in Milton, ON. Details are below or email us at spritzerquartet@yahoo.com.
We are looking forward to Region 16 competition in Syracuse this month and we are excited to be singing with our chorus, North Metro! We want to wish all the best to the other competitors as you share your love of music with us!   We will have a fundraising table so please stop by and say hello! We can't wait to see old friends and make new ones as well!
In Harmony,
Hannah, Susann, Sharon and Joan
From York Harmony Chorus
Our annual retreat was held in February at Nottawasaga Inn, located west of Newmarket. This year's theme 'A Minion to One' did not disappoint. a lot of yellow!

Our faithful mascot (held by Martha and Diane) survived the weekend and the chorus survived (and thrived!) the workout from our wonderful coach Diane. Our smiles say it all - thank you Di.

See the Sparrows! See the Princess!
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays the amazing coach from the swift completion of her appointed duty! (Is there snow and freezing rain only on Tuesday nights?)
Thank you Erin, for helping us to tell the real story.

Kazoo! (bless you)
kazoo; plural noun:
a small, simple musical instrument that directors seem to love consisting of a hollow pipe with a hole in it, over which is a thin covering that vibrates and produces a buzzing sound when the player sings into the pipe. Often lost or can't be found when it's time to use it during rehearsal.

Director's Luncheon for Newbies
A few weeks before Regional Competition, our Director holds a luncheon to bond with our Newbies. They talk about what to expect at competition, each lunch, and try out the makeup.
Pictured here are 9/10
th of YHC's 2016 Newbies. Not sure where these amazing performers came from. And this is their 'before' picture!

Family Day
Our favourite show of the year is our annual Family Day. It's our final performance before we head off to Syracuse. On April 3rd we treated our family and friends - the ones that support us every day all year long - to an afternoon of a cappella and harmony (and sweets!).
How lucky we are, to be able to share the stage with special guest S.L.A.M! Quartet.

Inside Out
Here name is a secret,
but she's coming to Syracuse (check your phone!) and she'll be looking like this on the inside.


Quartet & Admin
Education Event
June 3-4 , 2016
Durham College,
Oshawa, Ontario
International Guest Faculty
Harriette Walters
Master Director - Greater Nassau Chorus
SAI International Convention
October 18-22, 2016
Las Vegas, NV
Fall Music School
November 11-13, 2016
Adams Mark Hotel,
Buffalo, New York
International Guest Faculty
Tori Postma
Master Director - Mountain Jubilee Chorus
Sweet Adelines Region 16
Sue Heighway - Communications Coordinator

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