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June 2016
Happy Summer!   feet_relax.jpg
On behalf of the RMT, I wish each of you lots of sun, laughter, family and relaxation throughout the summer. We know that some choruses break for the summer, but we are committed to sending out the Sixteenth Notes newsletter during the hot summer months. 
Keep your submissions coming... this is a great spot to share articles about:
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Please remember... deadlines for issues are the 30th of each month.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Sue Heighway
Region 16 Communications Coordinator
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A word from our incoming Education Coordinator
I 'm excited to be back on the Regional Management Team again after a hiatus of many years. I'm honored to be working with so many talented and committed women who care so much about our great Region and about the Sweet Adelines organization as a whole.
A little bit about me: I'm a second-generation Barbershop singer and have participated in organized barbershop since I was 8...and still loving it! I'm proud to have been a Region 16 Sweet Adeline for 33 years, a front-line director for 20, and enjoy being an active coach of both men's and women's choruses & quartets. My true confession is: I AM A BARBERSHOP GEEK! I love this art-form and, even more so, the people in it.
As your new Regional Education Coordinator, I'm thrilled to be a part of shaping the future of our Region by providing new educational opportunities to help each of us become the best Sweet Adeline performers we can be!
I want to extend a huge 'Thank You' and hug to Pam Calveric, outgoing Education Coordinator, for her many contributions to our Region and for all her assistance to me personally during our leadership transition.
Now down to business:
  1. Quartet Workshop & Administrative Leadership Seminar (June 3-4 at Durham College)
  • If you're one of the 135 lovely ladies who attended the (and, WOW, we learned so much!), we need your help completing the event survey. So far we've only heard from 20 of you, so please fill this out today. It's short and won't take much time at all.) http://goo.gl/forms/zgd8pU3z2zBbw4yx1
  • A wealth of resource material from both the Quartet and Admin. tracks, including some audio recordings, have been posted to the Region 16 website. Please peruse the material and share with your quartet and chorus. (By popular demand, the tags from our FUN Tag Party are also posted.) http://www.saregion16.com/dbpage.php?pg=edres&_navlink=173
  1. Fall Music School(November 11th - November 13th, 2016): Please talk this up early with your chorus members! See the article with more information in this Sixteenth Notes.
Thank you & feel free to contact me any time at susiesings4u@yahoo.com
Sue Melvin
Region 16 Education Coordinator
Hats Off To Harmony & Young Women in Harmony!

Friday, November 11th - Sunday, November 13th, 2016
Adam's Mark Hotel & Event Center, Buffalo, NY
Tori Postma! Tori is a dynamic, multi-faceted and FUN clinician and coach.  Her main goal is to "bring 'joy through singing' to all women."  
  • Current Sweet Adeline Experience:  Master Director, 35 years directing Mountain Jubilee Chorus (Salt lake City, Utah), Certified International Faculty, Certified Showmanship Judge, arranger
  • Previous Sweet Adeline Experience: Judge Specialist, Showcase Committee, Novice Directors School Faculty, International Quartet Medalist, International Board Member, International Quartet Medalist
  • Education:  B.S. English Education, Minor in Music
  • Learn techniques for better communicating emotion to the audience
  • Tune up your vocal skills!
  • More interaction and singing!
  • A special class given by our own Spritzer
  • Quartet Coaching
  • Friday night Round-Table Sessions back by popular demand
  • Membership ideas
  • Young Women in Harmony workshop
  • And more!
Don your favorite hat, or create your own impressive piece of headwear, and aim for the "crowning" achievement of winning a FREE registration to the next Music School! Prize categories:
  • Prettiest Hat
  • Funniest Hat
  • Most Creative Hat
  • Best Hand-made hat
  • Most Hat-sational: Overall Winner
Note: The Double Quartet Contest will not be held this year in the hope we'll have more octets interested in this fun event at the 2017  Fall Music School (11/03 - 11/05/17.)

YWIH News - from Pam Calveric
The YWIH program in the region is alive and well, but we need everyone's help to grow it even more.

I am the YWIH coordinator for the region and have been involved with young women for 12 years.   I have helped 3 YWIH quartets compete at the Rising Star contests.

I have been thinking about why the YWIH program that Lori Lyford (Scottsdale Chorus Director) has at Chandler High School has been so successful.  The answer is very easy. She is the choral teacher there. I am sure we have many teachers in the region who teach music. I am putting out a plea to you.  The plea is simple.  Can you add a Barbershop class into your music program at your school?  If not a regular class, a special class after or before school.  A music teacher would be great, but Holly Cannon in Buffalo Gateway chorus teaches history but her love for barbershop has her working with a group of 17 girls right now. If you are willing to do this, I am willing to help you get things set up. There is free music and learning tracks to help get you started. If you know Lori or have heard of her you know that the love of barbershop that she brings to her school is paying off because many of the girls are joining her chorus.  This will result in a win/win for all of us. Please consider bringing barbershop to your school.

Now, for some good news.  We are going to have a YWIH track at Fall music school.   It is FREE and it is all day on Saturday November 12. There will be more information about registration but if you have someone age of 25 or under who would like to attend and participate let me know.  Write to me at pamcalveric@gmail.com.  I will be send music and learning tracks for the songs for the day.    If you have a daughter, a niece, a granddaughter, a neighbor, please bring her with you.   It is going to be a wonderful day.     

Click HERE to see the flyer!
2016 Judges Feedback
Click on the links below to find out what the judges had to say about our 2016 Regional convention!

Orangeville Chorus began the new fiscal year with the annual Installation and Pot Luck Dinner. No shortage of food or fun.
Colour was the theme and each 'officer' and 'board member' received a coloured balloon and candle to signify their position on the board.
More food and fun coming up in June with a visit to York Harmony Chorus for another pot luck evening! Always fun to share with our sisters in harmony.
June is also the Blues and Jazz Festival in Orangeville and the Chorus has taken part for the last several years. Many big name musicians hit town for the weekend, so the chorus is always delighted to be on the programme.
Another Orangeville project is underway by Orangeville Music Theatre and a group of nurses raising money for 'Music for Memories'...to purchase IPODS for dementia patients loaded with songs of a particular interest to that person, to assist with lowering stress levels and providing calm support through familiar music. To that end, 9 Shows will take place in January of 2017...called 'Calendar Girls' and the chorus will take part in those shows. An actual 'Calendar Girl' calendar...like the Ladies of Rylestone in England is being produced and 15 members of the chorus braved a very cold and rainy May morning to 'pose in the altogether' in a lovely fall scene set up in a barn. They will be the 'October girls' and calendars will be for sale in the Fall. The best part of the story was that the chorus members who took part went out for brunch after the 'photo shoot'. They happened to tell their story to a kind gentleman in line at the restaurant who inquired what they had been doing on that rainy morning as laughter was abundant and he could tell a good time had been had. On his way out of the restaurant he passed by the chorus table to say he had 'paid for their breakfast' as he would not be able to purchase a calendar. Random acts of kindness do happen!! The chorus members all agreed to 'pay it forward'!
Anne Richardson, Chorus Manager

Contest! It seems like a long time since we saw all of you in Syracuse. What an awesome region we are! Congratulations and love to all. Here are some of our highlights.
Photos by Genine Gehret Keepsake Photography

The 2015/2016 YHC Spirit Award was presented to our dear friend Marg Toole!
This is a relatively new award. It is presented to a member of the chorus who brings joy, laughter and positivity to all chorus members.
Marg was also awarded her YHC longevity pin for 45 years with YHC
The newly-installed 2016/2017 YHC Chorus Management Team
: Martha DeClerq, Sue Dubois, Jacqueline Hart, Brenda Lock, Kelly Nesbitt, Sarah Pippy, Jane St. Germain, Carol Richard, Cindy Whitfield, and Cheryl Yaciuk.

And here they are again, joined by the 2016/2017 YHC Music Team: Martha DeClerq, Meaghan DeClerq, Heather Deslauriers McCuaig, Lis DiPasquale, Denise Dudley, Linda Morrison (absent), Linda Smirle, Gail Tingle, Marg Toole, and Cheryl Yaciuk

The 2015/2016 winner of the YHC Sweet Adeline of the Year Award is Sue Dubois. Yes, that is Sue as Team Leader in the photo on the left. And yes, it is Sue who raps when we sing the Mash Up. And yes again, that was Sue on Friday night in Syracuse teaching us our ABCs
You will never regret the time you spend blowing bubbles!

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SAI International Convention
October 18-22, 2016
Las Vegas, NV
Fall Music School
November 11-13, 2016
Adams Mark Hotel,
Buffalo, New York
International Guest Faculty
Tori Postma
Master Director - Mountain Jubilee Chorus
Sweet Adelines Region 16
Sue Heighway - Communications Coordinator

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