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(June 6, 2014) 
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Since the following from last time is applicable this time too, I'm going to let it stand for reference so you might just want to skip over it to the next section.




Where do you fall?

Or that is, who's side are you on?




Or rather, you only have 36 more years to choose sides:


That is:

Hyperinflation in the United States on or before 2032 as predicted here:


Ominous Parallels
by Leonard Peikoff by Plume
Kindle Edition ~ Release Date: 1983-06-01
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and/or Religious Dictatorship on or before 2062 as predicted here:


The DIM Hypothesis: Why the Lights of the West Are Going Out
by Leonard Peikoff by NAL
Kindle Edition ~ Release Date: 2012-09-04
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  and here for first instance of dealing with these two predictions as viable things:






When I was 12 and earned 50¢ an hour pulling weeds out of farmer's fields I could buy two packs of cigarettes at 25¢ a pack (not to mention that a gallon of gas cost about the same as a pack of cigarettes whereas today cigarettes cost twice as much as gas ... so what the h is going on--you can't even trust the ratios any more??? ... Maybe my recall of 50¢ is wrong and it should be more like 25¢ but I don't think so, that's what girls made babysitting and I can remember thinking at least I make more than babysitters .... ???).


Anyway wth is going on???

Today working at double the minimum wage I can still only get about two packs of cigarettes for an hours worth of work--if I ignore the cost of taxes, which would have the net effect of making it be less than two packs.

Where is the growth in that?

Wait wait ... who said I'm entitled to stable money just because I was born??? PLUS I quit smoking almost 30 years ago and if I was working for minimum wage now (which I think my 50¢ per hour was below minimum wage back in the day 1955'ish which was around a buck an hour ...) I would be earning half of what I did when I was 12!?!?!?

So that my minimum wage today would buy me one pack of cigs not two and about two gallons of gas which is the same but not any growth for me ... who stole the growth????

But. Wait wait ... to repeat ... who said I'm entitled to stable money just because I was born???

Part of me obviously feels that I am so entitled so WTF is going on???? (Is it me and my "entitlement" feelings that is wrong or something else??? I of course think it's something else but that don't make it so. So, to repeat ...

WTF is going on???)

If you can't even trust the ratios any longer (e.g cigs and gas used to cost the same back in the day and more than once after I hit the ripe old age of 15 and could drive I had to choose between a pack of cigs or a gallon of gas  ...  as well as back then you could buy 150 gallons of gas for 1 ounze of gold and today you can buy double that with that same ounce so wait ... wait ... wait .... this is ... what is it ... I don't know ... would someone please explain to me wtf is going on??? Does this mean that had the American dollar been backed by gold all these years that it would be worth twice what it is worth?  And since it isn't so worth, wtf stole the surplus??? )

That is, if you can't even trust the ratios any longer you have to have extra high math skills just to keep up with the Government BM's who are master skimmers (and dupers).

Oh ... now I get it, I know, the government BM's are the prob ... wait ... halt.


btdt ... been there done that ... let's do something different




The country isn't going to hell in a hand basket because it has already gotten there--THIS is what's going on!

If we don't do something sooner rather than later then we will be living in a Religious Dictatorship on or before the year of our lord, 2062 (see above Greetings Section), as the now famous (and world's smartest living) Philosopher Dr. Leonard Peikoff has predicted (see above Greetings Section, especially book links).

Now I am aware that 8 out of 10 Americans who read the foregoing sentence are probably thinking, 'fine with me' since I believe in god and I think the country is going to hell in a hand basket and to prevent it we have to get back to god, so ... so be it, if it takes a Religious Dictatorship to achieve that than it's for the best.

But I'm telling you, no it wouldn't be, for evidence all you need to do is look at the (religion driven) slave pens in the Middle East.

Is this what you want? A world where freedom has actually died?

It's gonna happen.

My only consolation is that I could be dead ... probably will be dead before 2062 (if I'm not I'll be extremely close to being the world's record holder for longevity at then age 117) so it won't affect me that much.

But it will my grandkids and I don't like that prospect for them.

But I've done all I can to help them (see my published works that they--just recently just learning how to read--can discover some day on their own and profit from it or not as the case will be up to them).

But if you are in your teen's, 20's or 30's it is going to affect you directly.

So what can you do about it?

There is one and only one thing we can do that I know about and that is, all the adult workers in the country over the age of 40 should ....

... [insert drum roll ... ]

... GoGalt.

I know that this 'going Galt' thingy is on the verge of becoming a cliché (who'd ah thot?) but it is the only thing we have--we have to starve the beast or he/she is going to eat us alive.

There is no other way.

Or rather if you know of one please start your own Newsletter or some such and put me on your mailing list so I can learn of a better alternative as I personally know of none.

Religious Dictatorship here we ... wait ...

Religious Dictatorship here you come.



It seems I can't write a Newsletter without some proselytizing but sbi ... I fear for the younger generation just like all older generations have always done but notice some older generations were right - see precursor time zones to the slave pens of history for when they were right.

Is this one of those times?

Dunno, maybe.










Belmont Stakes



 ... link for Bel White Sheet is below in next section ... if there are scratches after this and you want latest WS use this Coupon BEL14WS at to get free update WS ... you'll have to sign it and take Belmont White Sheet to check out where you can use the coupon code to get it at price $0.0, that is, free.

later ...

gAry deEring, the world's ... etc ...



Since Bel is better (potentially) than Preakness (from payout potential) and not as good as KD maybe we can have not 2 but 1 barrel's worth of monkey fun ... I am going to try so we'll see ...

If you want to try and join me then get Belmont Kindle, Book 3 and study it's payout "formulas" for assessing your foreplay moves. That is, if you want to mimic my betting strategy be my guest ... here is the form of that strategy from the Kentucky Derby which you can apply to The Belmont Stakes as follows:

ABC bets to get sure thing bet (A) plus maybe collect multiple times with less costly bets (B and C) to pay for the sure thing bet plus maybe end up with a positive roi ...

NOTICE for me personally if I win and loose money it is better than loosing and loosing less money. That is winning has some value for me when it is via the "sure thing" bet ... the value is that you/I have a stake in the potential long shot payouts which is the most fun for me.

From Book 3 above the Payout Formulas form is such that you can adjust it to fit your own personal comfort zone.

For me that comfort zone is winning the exacta one or more times ... that is, in de-emphasizing the win bet because it's too small (would be like playing ½ ¢ slot machines if they had such a thing ... just not my cup of tea ... 2¢ is tho) and the trifecta bet because it's too big (eg $5 slot is way way too much ... ) and concentrating on the exacta because that is what I can afford right now--is my cup of tea.

So for the Belmont the Exacta Payout Information Formula is: $26ĀX3$377.58

NOW ... Here is my process:

1. I like opportunity to double my money when I bet

2. I always list payouts in terms of $2 bets so that the average of last dozen yrs or so for the Belmont is $377

3. I bet $1 exactas so that the 377 becomes 200 in round numbers

4. So I am "justified" is spending 100 dollars on a sure thing bet (for example see my D# for the Kentucky Derby)

5. But.

6. The 377 is biased due to high payout once of 2454 back in '02

7. So a better possibility of the payout is 377*.58 = say rounding 400*.6 = 240

8. Then the $1 is 120 and I only justified in doing 60 ...

9. But

 10. I have no sure thing bets for 100 dollars let alone 60 so if I do average between these of 80 I have to do another exacta bet or two or more to try and collect multiple times so as to not only "win" but also have a +roi.

 11. We notice this approach worked for the Kentucky Derby and not for the Preakness ... which is just to say on my own terms the Preakness should be a pass .. that is, don't bet it ... maybe next year I will ... that is I will NOT bet it ... tbd

12. But the Belmont is inbetween the KD and the Preak so I can bet it and have some fun ... which I am going to do ...

13. Plus ...

14. etcetera and so on ... you kinda can get the gist of this ... I have a sure thing bet (A) that's gonna cost me more than a 100 bucks and a lesser sure thing one (B) that is going to cost 70 bucks or so ... my total cost for the Belmont will be around 200 bucks ... and we notice this is double the amount I'd spend on my worst day at the casino so if I loose it all I just don't go to the casino for a couple of months lets say ... and ...

15. Halt.


16. Here's my point


If I had elected to be a Professional Economist rather than a career Engineer I could generate similar type "formulas" showing how individuals could be taxed say 30.125% here and 5.6% over there and X% and Y% and Z% all over the place and still not revolt ... be it by refusing to work or literal revolts ...

16a. Then

In exchange for the Nobel Prize in economics I could have given my "formula" to the Government for them (the BM's t.h.e.m) to use to optimally skim tax revenue off of me and any and all other producers so that the BM's could implement their "ethic" and then when they get to their pearly gates they can say to god, see I did good didn't I. Therefore I should get to continue on up into heaven and not be cast down into hell like you are thinking about doing to Ary Ering the world's most consistent handicapper.




17. The End




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