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Why I--though right leaning--am not a Conservative:

Tit for Tat ...

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Inspite of the Kentucky Derby ...


taking the wind out of my sails, I still love like ... love predicting.

for my Logical Choice™ LC1p53.exe Belmont Race White Sheet Predictions: (and revisit Saturday morning for final set in case there are scratches between now and then)

(P.S. I was right about the Preakness; it was a boring bet.)

PsycHHology Engineering:

worms, pigeons and rats ...
frogs and dogs and cats ...
and a whole lot of other this and thats ...
is what yesterday's influential psychology was about.

(And we notice, it was not about, The Human).

worms, pigeons and rats, frogs and dogs and cats,
and all the other that's
have been blended into their common "humanity".

neurons, axons and dendrites ...
grey matter and matters and cats on mats ...
with a whole new bunch of this and thats ...
is what today's influential psychology is about.
(But we still notice, it is not about, The Human).
Will tomorrow's psychology finally be about

volition, reason and needs ...
percepts and concepts and other leads ...
and many other surviving and thriving deeds ...
will finally take their place ...
among the PsycHHology stars?
Where at least one of the H's is,
we notice, not only about,
The Human
but is

for those of you
who want
tomorrow's psychology
I say,
Yes, buy my yesterday book
and tomorrow's too,
if you want to become your very own,
PsycHHology Engineering guru.

Greetings Customers

When the duped dupe the dupers ...

... then what?

Will the dupers become the duped and the duped the dupers?

Or will the dupers get better at duping the duped?

Or will it simply be that the duped will die and the dupers will have a new batch of dupees to be duped.

Actually, Yes, if you believe The American Taxpayers are the duped

And the Government's BM's the dupers.

Yes? Yes what?

Yes it is sad but true, if you are an American Taxpayer you are a sucker.

And Yes it is madenly true, if you are a Government BM (a Bureaucrat with a Bureaucratic Mentality) then you are a licker-of-suckers and I hope our current President's message of hope is real hope, the kind that succeeds in getting a special bin in hell dedicated to, allocated for and filled up with ... dupers of the BM kind.

However, since there is no hell (just as there is no heaven) the only way the dupers of the BM kind will get their comeuppance is if the current living batch of dupees sees the light and votes for The Capitalists in the next election.

What Capitalists?

Good question.

I, unfortunately, do not have an answer ... that is, not one that goes beyond the one I laid out over a year ago in these two BS letters (tha'ud be BiO Spiritualism letters) BS1 and BS2.

  • Why I--though right leaning--am not a Conservative:
  • Liberals hate the human and Conservatives hate the Liberals.

    Since hating the man haters is not the same as loving the human (potential) I am not a Liberal either.

    I love the human potential.

    The potential for all the good that humans can do, do do and are capable of doing I just love. From the best art to the best sex, everything human that is good is either good, better or best. And as I've said in another context, the good is the unit, the better is the good plus one and the best is better plus more.

    Every single, individual human being on earth has the potential to be good, then better, then best.

    Well, there may be one exception somewhere on the planet but I personally do not know of it.

    So for all practical purposes, as far as I am concerned, everyone, potentially, can be good.

    The Good of course is as identified by Objectivism: that which is FOR rational life as we live it here on earth (or anywhere else in the Universe where there are actual living, breathing, surviving, volitional- reasoning-conceptual beings).

    The evil is that which is AGAINST actual, living, breathing human beings. (If evil has degrees, murder is the ultimate evil; if it doesn't, then murder is evil is murder is evil is murder is ... the concrete; evil, the abstraction.)

    Since the good does have degrees we all should strive for the ultimate degree of good, which is: our own self as our own hero.

    Heroic effort is the ultimate human good, hence ultimate human potential.

    In the realm of the human, the Hero is the best.

    Just as The Villain, the murderer, is the worst. In between of course, there is a lot of room for change and growth.

    My advice is, change and grow and if you need help buy my books and things (Gary on and/or and use them, as well as read and use all the free stuff of mine that exists online (and there is a good-ly amount of it, you just have to look for it).

    Beyond that ... beyond what? Beyond being a man ... or a woman ... that is ... A being of self made soul ... beyond this ... we cannot get.

    This is it.

    Make the best of it.

    I have, and I think, you should to.

    But, to repeat, if you require help see above.

    Below this we now move down ... to other, lesser, albeit still important, concerns.

  • Tit for Tat ...
  • That is, Government tits for TheAmericanTaxpayer is something we all need to be weaned off of.

    Or should that be vice versa?

    The Government, like some gigantic Baby Huey, needs to stop sucking on The American Taxpayer's buxom bucks.

    And sooner rather than later will be better.

    If The American Taxpayer--as wet nurse to this nation--would just pause for one second they/he/she could observe: the baby is over 200 years old and doesn't need to be suckled any longer.

    Quite the contrary.

    The American Taxpayer has been duped for decades into believing that the Government is The Source ... the source of all good.

    (And the next time you hear some politician speak, notice that the "duping" was soooooooooo 'oh "good" and soooooooo 'oh thorough and complete that the BM's believe it themselves. This--Dupers believing their own messages that were calculated to dupe others--is a very dangerous thing.)

    Yesteryears's payer of taxes was duped into believing the source of all good was god.

    Todays taxpayer is still being duped into believing this source is The Government.

    Tomorrows will be duped into something else.

    Unless ...

    Unless those same taxpayers discover psychhology engineering, in which case they will discover that they along with all other Human Beings are The Source ... the source of all good and all evil.

    The "they" here is the good they, the "us" they.

    And if we exclude the metaphorical, then there are no gods or devils nor is there a god or a devil.

    There is only man.

    Or men and women if you prefer.

    We are it.

    We are The Source.

  • New Customers
  •    As of this time BiO Spiritualism Counseling Centers are only available online.
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       For some insight on how you can help yourself manage this aspect of your growth and development go here and click on the "How to choose a therapist" article.

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