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(May 16, 2014) 
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Where do you fall?

Or that is, who's side are you on?




Or rather, you only have 36 more years to choose sides:


That is:

Hyperinflation in the United States on or before 2032 as predicted here:


Ominous Parallels
by Leonard Peikoff by Plume
Kindle Edition ~ Release Date: 1983-06-01
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and/or Religious Dictatorship on or before 2062 as predicted here:


The DIM Hypothesis: Why the Lights of the West Are Going Out
by Leonard Peikoff by NAL
Kindle Edition ~ Release Date: 2012-09-04
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  and here for first instance of dealing with these two predictions as viable things:




First Stones


In BiO Spiritualism--which is shorthand for "the integration of Objectivism philosophy and Biocentric psychology in the individual", in BiO Spiritualism--a fundamental value for your mental and psychological development is: check your premises and if they are wrong, change them and if they are correct, keep them.

Christians dare not check their premises because there are so many that are wrong that they would have to spend all their time checking and changing checking and changing checking and changing and on and on.

(That is, they dare not--in the serious sense of the term--they dare not--in the fear sense of the term--they dare not check their premises because they run the risk of collapsing into what I call the SVTOUL--Spiral Vortex Theory of Unlearning--and as such since they don't have correct BiO Spiritualism premises to protect them during their collapse--like I did during mine--they could be so devastated that they run the risk of not being able to uncollapse themselves--epistemologically speaking--as I did manage to do--epistemologically speaking--and so such premise checking is--I do understand--a very risky risk but ... )

That they should do this is of course a no brainer, but whether or not any particular individual Christian will do it is of course up to that particular individual.

For one example of a Professional Christian individual who has not checked his premises in the past 12 years--hence we can conclude, is one Christian individual who refuses to so check--is Christian Commentary editor-about-town D.J. Tice--to wit from my 2002 unpublished lte's:




 EDITOR St. Paul Pioneer Press Fax: 651-228-5564 May 1, 2002


Dear Editor:

"In answer to D.J. Tice's question on Moral clarity"

         In his May 1, 2002 opinion-editorial piece Mr. Tice asked: ...which part of the definition on terrorism that says "...terrorism is the deadly and deliberate targeting of civilians to achieve a political purpose" does not apply to the American and British bombing of German and Japanese cities during world War II?
         The correct answer is: the last part about achieving a political purpose. The purpose of the American and British bombing was to stop the Germans and Japanese from killing Americans and Britons.
         If one wants to call stopping killing a political purpose and starting killing a political purpose then I can see why one would be confused and unclear about their moral position on lots of things, not just terrorism.
         It wouldn't be that much different if one said, since both murder and self-defense involve violence and since violence is bad it is as bad to defend yourself against a murderer as it is to be a murderer. Since this position, if advocated, would make the world a safe-haven for murderers, rational people not only do not accept it but they go further as they should and reject it with a sense of moral outrage. And some even go so far as to reject it with a justified sense of moral certitude as the means to preventing those who would dare advocate such a thing from gaining a foothold in their culture.


Gary Deering, retired Engineeer
My address
My phone number, Myemail@myISP

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This one was actually published in full, hence the (full) green color for the Click-to-title (versus ones that only had parts of them published).



And today in 2014--some (almost-to-the-day) twelve years later--see D.J. Tice's op ed piece titled: "For those who have faith in the free market, an asterisk"/(Inequality seems to be a real-life outcome, and loyalists shouldn't ignore it.) (Star, Section OP, Sunday, May 4, 2014).

A free market that isn't free isn't a free market--in a free free market, Economics and State are separate just as in a free country so to is Church and State separate--so that calling the markets in the United States Free Markets is like calling the countries in the Middle East free countries.

So in addition to the foregoing false premise, Tice invokes two other false premises of his. His first false premise (that is, his first one after the above one that asserts that an unfree free market isn't a contradiction in terms) is about those of us who do not believe existence comes from non-existence since it is logically obvious that non-existence is the derivative concept and as such depends on the concept existence: without the concept of existence, non-existence has no meaning whatsoever.

To wit from the third paragraph of Tice's op ed piece where he quotes C.S. Lewis:

"C.S. Lewis said that a young atheist can never be too careful about his reading - meaning that encounters with great religious writers can undermine the most determined unbelief."

If this isn't an example of the shop worn cliché about the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is.

Since belief in (the non-existent) god is belief in non-existence, to suggest that those "determined unbelievers"--i.e., those such as myself who do not believe non-existence is a thing just like existence is--are wrong and those who do believe in non-existence (i.e., the believers) are right, is an example of a person who does not check his premises.

If he did he would discover that you cannot--absolutely cannot--be a Christian and NOT hold the following false premise:

   Consciousness has metaphysical primacy over Existence.

This premise is the opposite of what is the true premise:

   Existence has metaphysical primacy over Consciousness.

(That is to say, you cannot--absolutely cannot--be a BiO Spiritualist and NOT hold the foregoing true premise about existence having metaphysical primacy over consciousness, which essentially means, reality always has the final say.)


The other false premise of Tice's (to list just three of his in this short critique) is:

   Atheists should check their premises but Christians should not check theirs.

To wit, his line from C.S. Lewis:

"C.S. Lewis said that a young atheist can never be too careful about his reading -... "

That is, atheists should check their premises.

This is proof that Mr. Tice is aware of the issue of checking premises and at minimum the importance of changing incorrect ones.

Somewhere in my King James Version of the Christian's Holy Bible is the sentiment, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, hence, you can call me:

Stone caster.


Have a nice day,



For short hand purposes, rather than calling me Gary Deering, caster of stones, you could call me, Gary Deering, one who refuses to be intimidated by religion's bullshit.


For my definition of bullstuff see Yes, Chapter 4 (Nice guys who came in last ... ) page 27.









BiO Spiritualism Family Value:

The family that bets together gets together.


By judicious use of the secret information in Book 3 of my Triple Crown Affair integrated with the iiff's from Book 1 (see Kindle books below for link), I have won the Kentucky Derby Exacta bet two years in a row and increased the bet amount by 150% - doubled it the first year, increased it by half this past year. (I say this now so that if I loose next year I will still be up +roi'wise.)

Since the bet itself is ten times more money than I usually would bet on a single race - as I've convinced myself that the Kentucky Derby payouts are worth such amounts (again, see book 3 for the information-formulas about payouts) - the doubling and halfing are not get rich quick schemes but are significant enough to make the KD a very very fun bet for me.

This year I suck in a half dozen or so family members (he said endearingly) to buy a piece of the action. The buy-in was structured on the principle: everybody wins or nobody wins.

That is, others could buy in on a piece of the total action, not pick and choose which of the three A-B-C bets making up the total they would be a part of. I touted these three bets as "a sure thing" (A) and 50% chance of wininng (B) and C about a one in three chance. I also suggested that this meant we could win 1 of them for sure and maybe two of them and maybe all three (which "should" happen once every = 1*1/2*1/3 = every six years and since on paper I'd only done this once in near 12 years I was due. Long story short, all three won--and thank god because if they hadn't, the ability to make a +roi would have failed.)

As I reported in an earlier Newsletter in 2013's Kentucky Derby I had more fun than a barrel of monkeys. This year, even though the amount won was less (though it was still a +roi) I had more fun than TWO barrels of monkeys.

I think the people whom I involved in this bet had some good fun too but since it was my ego on the line it wasn't possible for them to have as much fun as me.

Now that's an interesting concept ... what is? .... ego-on-the-line.

What exactly does that mean?

Dunno, yet.

Rather, Dunno, tbd.

Or rather, to be continued at some later date as I want this NL out there before the Preakness just to mention that I still think the Preakness is a loosing bet so I do not have any ABC equivalent bets for it.

However, the same is not true for the Belmont, so depending on the Preakness outcome (e.g, if the Kentucky Derby race had been 50 feet longer my secret sure-thing bet would have experienced it's first lost in 12 years, so that if California Chrome wins the Preakness) there could be a super duper big payout opportunity in The Belmont which is 1,320 feet longer than the KD. But if not, then just a "normal" opportunity ... again for what's normal see Book 3 payout information-formulas.

To be continued. 





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