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Welcome to the e-news archive of The American Round Table to Abolish Homelessness (ART). Here you will find all the e-news issues and stories published in the ART e-news since 2009.

ART e-news provides partners in the field with insight into innovations that are working to end homelessness, information on results, and inspiration to carry forward the mission of abolition.

Each e-news generally includes multiple stories; the headers below identify the lead story in each issue.
  • 2012 e-news
  • 2012-12-31 Round Table
  • How to End Homelessness: Get thee to a Cineplex!
  • 2012-12-6 Round Table
  • Lincoln, Abolition, and Next Practices
  • 2012-8-15 Round Table
  • California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom Focuses on Ending Chronic Homelessness in This Week’s Current TV Interview with Round Table President Philip Mangano
  • 2012-8-7 Round Table
  • Massachusetts Becomes First State to Award Social Impact Bonds to End Chronic Homelessness Through Private Investment in Measurable Outcomes
  • 2012-8-1 Round Table
  • Single, Simple Solutions
  • 2012-7-31 Round Table
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee Continues Record of Results and Refocuses on Private and Philanthropic Investment
  • 2012-4-26 Round Table
  • San Diego Reports New Cost Savings from Targeted Housing Initiative
  • 2012-3-28 Round Table
  • Inaugural National Housing First Conference Affirms Innovation in Ending Homelessness
  • 2012-1-5 Round Table
  • New Year's Resolution: Replicate What Works to End Chronic Homelessness
  • 2011 e-news
  • 2011-12-14 Round Table
  • Dear Partner in Ending Homelessness . . .
  • 2011-11-4 Round Table
  • California Jurisdictional Leaders and Ten Year Plan Partners Convene to Focus on Housing First, Medicaid, Cost Benefit Analysis, Social Impact Bonds, Business Partnership, and Other Innovations
  • 2011-5-26 Round Table
  • In Merced County, California: New Ten Year Plan Moves Forward with New Housing Resources to End Homelessness
  • 2011-1-31 Round Table
  • Remembering Rachel Spera Mangano
  • 2009 e-news
  • 2009-11-6 Round Table
  • Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Makes Commitment at Soldier On! Housing Event
  • 2009-8-27 Round Table
  • President of the Poor
  • 2009-8-12 Round Table
  • "What's Working" in the Nation to Prevent and End Homelessness? An Interview with Philip Mangano
  • 2009-8-6 Round Table
  • In Washington: The American Round Table to Abolish Homelessness Convenes Partners from 21 Cities, Counties, and States to Focus on "What's Working" in Partnership, Innovation, and Results
  • 2009-7-7 Round Table
  • Departing "Homeless Czar" Philip Mangano Lauds Progress - By Robert Blair, Street Sense (Excerpts)
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