June 2016

What's Next? Life Coaching with Penny Rackley

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Renewing Self Control

Do you need a willpower boost? Cold margaritas, maxi dresses, ice cream suppers and lazy summer evenings make motivation hard to find! 

 Join me Thursday, June 16th at 11:15am and 5pm at Inspire Yoga 
in Highland Village, TX and Thursday July 7th at 5pm at Inspire Yoga Denton for this free group coaching session. 

We'll learn proven, simple, do-able tactics to jump-start our resolve.

And don't worry, no sharing required
It's free and everyone's invited. 

Join us!

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Inspiring Lives Podcasts
 Podcast 11: Coaching Q&A
What It Is, How It Works and Why

  • What is life coaching about?
  • Why would I want to try it?
  • Is it like therapy?
  • How long does it take? How many sessions do I need?
  • Why'd you become a coach? 
  • Are you qualified to do the job?
In this podcast, I answer some of the most common questions I receive about coaching, and give a little background on why and how I became a coach. 

Suggestions for future podcasts?
Write me at pennyrackley@mac.com. I'd love to hear from you!

It's true, I do love a good dessert. And potato chips! To help me (and maybe you) stay out of the junk this summer, I asked some of my favorite health and fitness advisors for their favorite, good-for-you snacks. Here's what they said. 

"Cut into an avocado, pile in some grape tomatoes and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil - or balsamic, depending on my mood - and some salt." - Jennifer Wilford, 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher, (RYT) RRCA running coach 

"Consider cold foods for self-control. They take longer to eat so you're forced to savor the foods and not rush. I love homemade popsicles made with coconut water, kiwi slices and peaches. Frozen grapes are another favorite. Also try dipping strawberries and banana slices in Greek yogurt and then freezing. (If you close your eyes when you eat them you can pretend they're really dipped in white chocolate.)" - Mary Dunklin, RYT, Yoga Bridge Yoga for Cancer teacher, Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer

"Cottage cheese mixed with my favorite flavor of yogurt (which happens to be cinnamon bun). Sometimes I will add a small sprinkle of almonds for extra crunch. It's a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. You know I am all about that!" 
- Debra Hammett, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist and CrossFit champion

"Fresh raspberries (or other berry on hand) in plain Greek yogurt for something sweet.  
Hummus on carrots or crackers for something savory." - Bethaney Pilat, Inspire Yoga Owner, Curriculum Director 

"Almond butter with an apple or plain Greek yogurt with a little honey and PB2 powder (it tastes like peanut butter pudding)." 
- Jenny McCauley, Pediatric Nurse and RYT

"Small cucumbers and salt." - DeAnna Chiovera, RYT

"An apple cut up in thin slices. Squeeze some lemon on it and add salt and pepper to taste (mouth is watering)." - Tatiana Romero, Inspire Yoga Studio Director and RYT.

"Avocado with a shake of lemon pepper, avocado with balsamic vinegar, gluten free pretzels with mustard."- Leanne Schultz, perennially energetic dance instructor, choreographer, and RYT.

My personal fave is cold watermelon with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Mmmmm! 

- Penny
Let's just say it: This delayed gratification business is difficult. Not to my liking. Contrary to nature. It means budgets and calorie counting and meal plans and sometimes saying an outright NO to yummy food/buying cool stuff/wasting time/enjoying ourselves when and how we like.

Where's the fun in that? How can we be spontaneous and easy-going and agreeable while shackled with ponderous restrictions and deprivation? It's all very uncool.

I have several friends who are in the fitness industry, literal models of self-discipline (see their guilt-free snack ideas, above!). You want to know what they say? Maintaining a healthfully slim and strong body - especially in our convenience-loving and sedentary society, with all its delicious and fatty and salty fast food -- is HARD. It is WORK. Get used to it. 

Lean muscle doesn't just "come naturally" to them. They aren't "lucky" to have six-pack abs and sleek curves. Regular, vigorous exercise and mindful restraint at the table is a lifestyle for them, not a rare occasion. 

Understand, these are people who order plain grilled chicken, broccoli and water at a Tex-Mex restaurant. THAT is commitment. How do they do it?

Here's their secret.

Across the board, all of these shiny people succeed because they know what they DO want, more than the cheese enchiladas, the slushy margaritas, the big crunchy baskets of chips. And they're learned to keep those goals top of mind, even on Saturday night at Mi Cocina. 

(The money managers I know say similar things about maintaining financial health. Remember Your Priorities.)

So that's our plan. Figure out what we DO want - more than a big cheeseburger and fries, more than a mindless shopping spree, more than a hard, numbing buzz. What do you want more than immediate relief and gratification? 

I'll start. I DO want: 
  • to stay the same size and thereby keep my same clothes. I like my clothes!
  • to have money for my kids' educations. This matters to me more than having more stuff
  • to have energy and focus for people I enjoy. I want that connection to be clear, memorable and open
What about you? What's worth sacrificing for?

If you need a willpower boost, or just a few minutes to breathe, think through and recommit to your priorities, I hope you'll come to my next LifeInspired group coaching session (see sidebar). You don't have to say a word. I'll bring the notes, and share some guidelines, strategies and encouragements. Hope to see you there.

Coaching with Penny


If you want to make a life change, are recovering from a loss or just need help defining your goals and reaching them, then you might be a good candidate for coaching.


My first session is always free, so we can get to know one another. Call 214-793-1503 or email me at pennyrackley@mac.com for an appointment.