April 2016

What's Next? Life Coaching with Penny Rackley

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April LifeInspired: 
Adding Lightness

Life can be heavy - tragedy, pain and violence touch us all at one time or another. When is it okay to release the dark times? To take a rest, 
even have some fun? 

Join me Thursday, April 21st at 
12:15 and 5:30pm at Inspire Yoga 
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You'll discover the best kind of break for you, and when to take it. 

And don't worry, no sharing required. 
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- Penny
Sing Loudly (and alone)
I'm a big fan of patterning after successful people when I'm stuck for a life strategy. I asked some of my favorites how they "add lightness" or ease their mind when frustrated, angry or annoyed. All have weathered some significant, real-life trials. This is how they take a breath and make things easier for themselves. 
  • Walk. Outside. With dogs.  Or ride a horse if I can.  :)
  • 1) I love to write poetry or lyrics. 2) I love to learn, and for me to learn something new -- whether it is just one new fact or several -- that makes me feel accomplished. I categorize that as adding lightness. 3) Of course, just talking and spending time with good friends and "shooting the bull" makes my life light and humorous, and brighter. Interaction with people is my drug of choice. 
  • I play with my grandbabies. Just watching those sweet little ones, whatever their newest development, seeing how they handle every new little learning experience with grace, curiosity and excitement, that gives me the ability to realize there are no boundaries to what I can learn and do.  All of my frustrations, anxiety, and any heaviness is lifted.  
  • When I'm frustrated or annoyed I go for a run. I run almost daily (I get frustrated a lot) despite all my running injuries. 
  • I go work out or call a friend. :)
  • Depends on the frustration or annoyance. If I'm overwhelmed, I write everything down that I have to do, including obvious things like take a shower, eat, brush teeth to bigger things like plan that presentation. I write it all down so I have a plan and can stop spinning and take control.

    Other times, I listen to the feedback my body is giving me. I'm usually hungry, thirsty or tired so I will do some self care and take care of those needs.

    The last strategy I have is to say to myself "this too shall pass" and I try to separate myself some from whatever is annoying me at the moment, and know it won't last forever.
  • Pray. Call bestie. Cry. Sing loudly (and alone) to Kelly Clarkson or Casting Crowns. Go on a walk.
  • Anything nature related, I go outside at night and look at the stars, I go on a walk or sit on a bench in a park. And yoga :)  
  • I breathe deeply and tell myself, "It's going to be ok".  "It's ok, everything is going to be alright".
  • I change my perspective. I'm just a small piece to a much bigger picture and God is sovereign.  So I guess my faith lightens my load.
  • This is a multi-layered thing for me, as I have managed depression for nearly the last 30 years.  Depending on the situation, the tools I use are different. For the garden-variety sort of situation, my go-to tools are meditation, time outside, connecting with friends, yoga. 
  • My favorite way to relax is to sit by my pool and look out over the yard: watching the dog run around, listening to the birds, listening to the pool's waterfall. Those things are supremely peaceful. I also imagine my mom sitting there with me. She always loved having a peaceful place to sit, and although she never got to visit my current house, I know she would love it. 

    If it is a crappy day (making it a poor decision to sit outside), I can relax by doodling or coloring in a coloring book. Or just reading, if I have a book I have already started. If I haven't started one, then it is too stressful to try to pick one out to begin. haha! Or Netflix & chill. 
  • I like to dance. I go to Jazzercise or I turn on music at home and dance. Nothing like a good rhythm to soothe the soul. 
As for me, I have a little bulletin board in my closet. It's kind of a scrapbook of fun and love, covered in movie ticket stubs and sweet cards from friends and programs from cool places I've been. I look at it when I'm sad or angry, and it helps me remember, I've had happy times before and I'll have them again. 

If you're due for some some release and relief (and want to feel good about it), I hope you'll visit my next LifeInspired session (see sidebar). You'll come away with some real strategies and a plan to add your own brand of lightness to life. See you there. 

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