February 2016

What's Next? Life Coaching with Penny Rackley

Coming up at Inspire Yoga 
Highland Village
February LifeInspired: 
-- Get. It. Done. --

What's keeping you from accomplishing what you know you want? How can 
you get around that barrier?

Join me Thursday, February 18th at 12:15 and 5:30pm at Inspire Yoga 
in Highland Village, TX for a 
free group coaching session. 

We'll learn what self-defeating thoughts are keeping you from achieving your goals. You'll come away with a solid plan for positive change.
 And don't worry, 
no sharing required. 

 It's free and everyone's invited. 
Join us!

Inspire Yoga Studio - Highland Village
1401 Shoal Creek | Suite 268
Highland Village, Texas 75077

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No time to attend a coaching session? This month I've recorded a frequently-requested speaking engagement as a free podcast. I hope it's helpful, and encourages you to spend some time thinking about the best moments of your life, so you can create even more -- now.

Want to hear a podcast about a specific coaching topic? I always welcome requests. Email your ideas to pennyrackley@mac.com. 

Thank you for your interest!

- Penny
Moving On
It's a tricky deal, calling myself a Life Coach. Like the guys at the Apple Genius Bar, we get no mercy with these titles -- as though we think we know it all. Got It Covered.

HA! On more than one occasion, my (otherwise perfectly charitable) friends have teased, "Coach, heal thyself!" They know -- because they hear me fretting in the church lobby or after yoga, or in the express line at Target at 5:45pm with the last hapless rotisserie chicken and a bag of wilting salad -- I do not have it all together. 

This is one of a few reasons I'm so highly qualified to deliver February's motivational talk entitled, "Get. It. Done." 

I know what it is to very much want things accomplished and checked off The List, but (maybe like you), despite fervent intentions and resolutions, I sometimes struggle to spin those gossamer wants into firm realities. We both can do better. 

First, think about the people in your life who DO get their stuff done. (Really, picture them in your mind right now.) The ones I know don't seem to spend a lot of time in self pity or procrastination or excuses. They do the job/feed the kids/get the degree/weather the breakup/write the book without much drawn-out second guessing, no departmental meeting to air their grievous difficulties. (I'm writing this down: "Whine less.")

Next, we're going to figure out what we're doing in our daily lives that's holding us back from the future we want. I can help you with this. 

Come on out to my next free group coaching session (see sidebar). We'll discover the specific obstacles that many of us put in our own way. Most can be moved, changed or eliminated. And you'll have a chance to think through your To Do/To Have/To Live list with a new freedom, and even set an action plan for moving on, post haste. 

It's fun, you don't have to talk, and you'll look forward to the accomplishments to come. I'll see you there.

Coaching with Penny


If you want to make a life change, are recovering from a loss or just need help defining your goals and reaching them, then you might be a good candidate for coaching.


My first session is always free, so we can get to know one another. Call 214-793-1503 or email me at pennyrackley@mac.com for an appointment.