February 19 , 2013 
Long Term Bonds Used for Short Term Technology
LAUSD Approves $50M for Computer Tablets 
February 12, 2013 | By Barbara Jones | www.DailyNews.com

EXCERPT:  Los Angeles Unified took the first step Tuesday in closing the digital divide with the school board's approval to spend $50 million to provide computer devices to students at nearly four dozen campuses this fall.

     The 6-0 vote clears the way for the district to buy tablets, install wireless networks and provide teacher training at 47 schools. Those campuses compose the first phase of a long-range plan to eventually buy tablets for all 600,000-plus students - a $500 million project that officials say is needed for a new nationwide curriculum and statewide testing system rolling out in 2014. ...
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Plan to supply LAUSD students with Apple iPads or other tablet computers wins key vote
Jan. 23, 2013 | By Mariecar Mendoza | www.pasadenastarnews.com
EXCERPT: ... In a 9-6 vote Wednesday, the School Construction Bond Citizens' Oversight Committee approved a $50 million proposal to jump-start a program aimed at giving every student a tablet computer. 
     "It seems to me we have reached a point where we can no longer question why we should do this, but what, when, where, who and how much is needed," said committee chairman Stephen English. ... 
    ...Partial funding of the project will come from voter-approved Measure Y, R and Q bond revenue, all measures that are earmarked for the continued repair, upgrading and modernization of aging classrooms as well as the construction for new school facilities. ...
     ... On Wednesday, the use of bond funds was again a point of contention for some committee members like Stuart Magruder who said the plan was "a stretch" when interpreting the idea of modernization of school facilities.  
     Fellow committee member Ron Miller shared those sentiments.    
     "I've got a couple of kids who grew up on computers so I see merit and I know what it can do, but I think we're here to protect construction dollars," Miller said. "It's still up to us to provide comfortable learning environments for our students, and that means with brick and mortar, paint, carpet, air conditioning ... I'm not against computers, but I think we need to find a different way to pay for it." ...
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