November 6, 2012 
Operating Standards for Bond Oversight Committee  
Improving the BOC

Nov. 3, 2012 | By Kevin O'Neill |  

EXCERPT: ... I sat on the Bond Oversight Commission for Chula Vista Elementary and they are asking for more money this election cycle. I presently sit on the Sweetwater Union High School District Prop O BOC and there is a night and day difference in how they operate.

     A BOC's task is set forth in the California Constitution Article 13A and the Education Code Section 15264 and enumerated in Section 15278 and 15282 in particular.  Section 15280 states the support that the District is to provide to the INDEPENDENT BOC.

     In practice there is very little opportunity given to the BOC members to perform their mandate.

     ... It is not at all uncommon to find a facilities manager for a District who has previously worked as a consultant, or contractor in school construction.  Conversely retired school administrators find ready work promoting and advising the contractors and consultants they used to hire. There is a great opportunity for corruption in this system, especially when, as is the case with Sweetwater Union High School District there are neither campaign limits nor a restriction on corporate contributions. The very companies that have work or are seeking work with the District can donate to a board member without limit.  A check of campaign contribution disclosure forms can be extremely enlightening.  It is still possible for a member of the Sweetwater board to accept tens of thousands of dollars from contractors and consultants. And this is in spite of having two sitting members under indictment for pay to play practices along with the previous superintendent and a past board member.  Given a chance to remedy this situation at the October board meeting, three of the Trustees refused to make that reform. To be fair, there are also trade unions contributing to a board president in Northern California who then has made contributions to the local Board members' campaigns. ...

     ... One way to empower a BOC would be to insist that the School District adopt the Operating Standards that have been promulgated by the California League of Bond Oversight Committees.  These Standards were set up with active participation by the San Diego County Taxpayers Association and go a long way in creating a BOC that has real oversight.
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