December 11, 2012 


Brown Act Is Back In Force:
Open Government Requirements Restored
Dec. 8, 2012 | By Miriam Raftery |  
EXCERPT: The public's right to know what's on the agenda for local government boards is now fully restored--thanks to a provision tucked within the fine print of Proposition 30, the tax measure to aid schools passed by voters in November.  

    Back in July, the cash-strapped California Legislature suspended a section of the Brown Act that required local government boards to post agendas at least 72 hours before a meeting. Because the law required the state to reimburse local governments for such costs, the state simply eliminated citizens' right to know what actions government bodies had scheduled.

    "Since the election, the Brown Act mandate is fully back in force and agencies can no longer claim reimbursement for mandated costs. That's a side effect of the passage of Prop 30," Terry Francke, general counsel at Californians Aware (CALAWARE) told ECM (East County Magazine).

    Proposition 30 gets rid of the requirement for the state to pay back local governments for the cost of running notices of public meetings in news publications. So now local councils, boards and commissions must foot the bill themselves for keeping the public informed about upcoming governmental actions-a right that is fundamental in our democracy. ... 

      ...If a government group fails to provide that notice, any member of the public or press has the right to ask that a meeting be postponed and that proper notice be given. ... To read the complete article, please visit: 
Proposition 30, see page 16 (page 5 of PDF) SUMMARY:
CaLBOC Board Recognizes Volunteerism
CaLBOC recognizes the important contributions of volunteers that oversee approximately $95 billion dollars in school construction bond programs in California. On Nov. 9, 2012 the Executive Board voted to recognize Alicia Minyen's contributions while she served on the Mt. Diablo USD CBOC and for her work with CaLBOC. Ms. Minyen's work with CaLBOC enhanced the organization's ability in developing best practices for CBOC's, which were recommended by the 2012 Contra Costa Grand Jury.
     Resolution of the CaLBOC Executive Committee 

The California League of Bond Oversight Committees (CaLBOC) recognizes the contributions of Ms. Alicia Minyen during her service as a member of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District Measure C 2010 Citizens Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC).

     Ms. Minyen assumed her responsibilities as taxpayers' advocate at a time when the committee faced serious challenges to its independence and ability to perform its public duty. In spite of many obstacles and an adversarial attitude on the part of district leadership, Ms. Minyen dug into different aspects of the bond program, and revealed a number of possible violations of the law, as well as a pattern of inadequate public access. Her work attracted local media attention to the district's actions, and the public is now far better informed than was the case previously.

      Ms. Minyen's work with CaLBOC enhanced the organization's ability to expand its efforts in developing best practices for CBOC's, which were recommended by the 2012 Contra Costa Grand Jury in its report on all CBOC's within the county.

      Ms. Minyen's performance is exemplary of the finest tradition of civic volunteerism, and she is to be commended.  

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