November 20, 2012 
Grand Jury Probe into GUHSD Bond Monies

Nov. 6, 2012 | By Miriam Raftery|

EXCERPT: (El Cajon) Three people, including two members of the Grossmont Union High School District (GUHSD) board, have confirmed that a Grand Jury is investigating why money from Prop H and Prop U was not used to fund a new high school in Alpine as mandated by the bond language.  ... 
     ... Casamassino says he became involved back in 2007, shortly before the BAC was created. He contends that the late Superintendent Terry Ryan, along with two others (Kiesling and Patterson) were "running Prop H out of their offices and signing off on change orders willy nilly. There was no project manager and without any meaningful oversight by CBOC, Prop H costs got out of control."  To solve cost overrun problems, he said, Ryan helped hatch a " scheme to kill the Alpine high school. It was simply an easy way to control the hemorrhaging." 

     The board majority, Priscilla Schreiber, Larry Urdahl and Dick Hoy, reacted in February 2007 by forming the BAC, over objections of then-board President Jim Kelly and Ryan. A BAC report recommended major reforms to the CBOC including hiring a project manager.  ...

     Later a second bond measure, Prop U, was approved by voters. But despite two bond measures both listing Alpine High School as the top priority, bond funds were later expended on projects not even listed in the bond measures, such as a new performing arts center at Helix, as well as projects perceived as luxuries such as a new swimming pool at Granite Hills...

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CaLBOC Board of Directors Update
Nov. 9 2012 Board Meeting Highlights
- CaLBOC Board voted to schedule quarterly meetings. Tentative schedule:
           - February 8, 2013, Quarterly meeting
           - May 10, 2013 - Fifth Annual Meeting, Sacramento
           - August 9, 2013, Quarterly meeting
           - November 15, 2013, Quarterly meeting
- Resolution to recognize the contributions of Alicia Minyen - during her 
      service as a member of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District CBOC
- Nick Marinovich, was elected to the CaLBOC Board of Directors 

      Currently serving as CBOC Chair of the Sweetwater UHSD

- 2013 Legislative Program is moving forward with improving oversight

     - Strengthening CBOC's oversight regarding Audits

     - Legislation concerning bond financing - Capital Appreciation Bonds 

     - State allocation Board, Performance Audits 

- Discussion of Second Annual CaLBOC Conference held in late Spring

Contra Costa County CaLBOC Chapter Meeting December 1, 2012, 10am - 12 noon, Martinez
1.) The Contra Costa County Grand Jury Report
 "School Bond Oversight Committees - Raising the Bar":  Present and discuss the responses to the Grand Jury regarding Report 1208 from the nine school districts in Contra Costa County who were required to formally respond.  
2.  School Finance Handbook, issued by the California Treasurers and Tax Collectors:  Our County Treasurer will briefly explain this important handbook that contains requirements and best practices for prudent school financing, which ultimately results in cost savings to taxpayers.  
3.  How to Interpret the Financial Audit and Performance Audits for School Bonds: Learn to interpret financial and performance audit reports for school bonds, and be able to discern the difference between a properly performed audit vs. a substandard audit. 
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Contra Costa County Chapter Meeting Dec. 1st
Contra Costa County CaLBOC Chapter Meeting:  Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012
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