3rd Quarter 2011
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As we enter the final stretch of 2011, I am extremely excited about our biggest educational program of the year, Education Day at the Millenium Broadway.  Our program committee has worked hard to put together an educational program designed for our members to connect with each other in a meaningful and fun way, and learn more about how technology can enhance your events. 


One of the ways we can support each other through our affiliation with PCMA is to do business with each other.  At the end of the day, suppliers and planners will have the chance to set up one on one appointments to discuss prospective business opportunities.  This is a great way for our professional planner members to learn more about what your fellow suppliers have to offer.   If you have not registered already, I encourage you to register today!


I want to thank all of our members who have so generously volunteered their time to making our programs and offerings for our members valuable throughout the year.   It's not too late to volunteer, we are looking for volunteers to assist with Education Day, and every person who volunteers in any capacity will be entered into a drawing (to be held on Education Day) for a chance to win a free registration to the PCMA Annual Meeting in San Diego. If you are interested in volunteering email Amber Levy our Director of Membership at alevy@lainc.us .


I look forward to seeing all of you on September 16!

Amanda Sig
Amanda Ciarlone
President, NYPCMA
Director of National Accounts
Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau
     Be Our Guest

         PLANNERS ...  

       It's not too late to   


Don't miss out on the New York Area Chapter of PCMA Education Day this Friday, September 16 at the Millenium Broadway in New York.


Call NYPCMA's Allison Hines today at (646) 616-0114 to assist you getting registered as our guest, or if you prefer to register on your own on the event link on the Chapter website.

Chapter Awards 30 Annual Meeting Registrations

 Chapter Challenge Sign  

At PCMA Convening Leaders in Las Vegas this January, the New York Area Chapter won the first ever Chapter Challenge Game Show. The grand prize was THIRTY complimentary registrations for THIRTY of our members to attend Convening Leaders in 2012.


To demonstrate our commitment to getting members involved, in February we kicked off a contest that will conclude at our Education Day meeting. Every member who volunteers one hour of their time will get a raffle ticket and be entered for a complimentary registration to attend Convening Leaders in San Diego in 2012.  Every hour you give is eligible for another raffle ticket; so the more time you give, the better your odds are of winning. The drawing will take place at Education Day on Friday, September 16.


We are also pleased to offer an additional incentive to encourage more of our members to get involved and receive a chance to win a free registration to Convening Leaders 2012 in San Diego, January 8-11. If you make a commitment to volunteer for NY PCMA for the remainder of 2011, and 2012, you will receive a raffle ticket for the drawing for free registration during Education Day on September 16. 


   Education Conference  

Inspiring Content (and Honest Abe) Never Goes Out of Style


By Leslie DiLeo, CMP 


The 2011 PCMA Education Conference held June 20-23 in Baltimore focused on the central themes of "Innovation, Leadership, Strategy and Technology Trends". Set at the Baltimore Convention Center, nearly 500 attendees filled the halls for two days of general sessions, workshops and networking events, all crafted to support the central themes of the conference.  Read More ...

Social Media

Call for Chapter  

LinkedIn Group Moderators

Do you enjoy LinkedIn and the networking opportunities and industry discussions it presents?  Why not become a PCMA Chapter Group Moderator? 


Moderating the Group is easy and fun!  The responsibilities are few: monitor the Group's activity on at least a weekly basis to ensure that questions are being answered and that inappropriate content hasn't been posted.  Moderators are also asked to post a "Question of the Week" designed to pique the interest of our Chapter's members: be they planners or suppliers.  The commitment is for just one month, you'll network with colleagues and PCMA members and further engage in our industry!  You'll also be featured and recognized on the Group page as the monthly guest moderator.


Interested?  Contact Lesley Kyle, CMP (lskyle@4spe.org  ) to learn more.  The month of December is the next available month for a guest moderator.  Activity and membership in the LinkedIn Group is starting to gain momentum:  why not be part of its growing success?



Chapter Links:          Find us on Facebook         View our profile on LinkedIn          Follow us on Twitter
3 Ways Email Can Save Your Career 
by Sue Hershkowitz-Coore, CSPEduc Day Panel

How is writing an email unlike doing brain surgery? Unlike brain surgeons, email writers don't have to get it right the first time. But, bad emails can "kill" a career, destroy a reputation and leave lasting damage. 


Read More ....  






Revenue Management: 

You Can't Always Get What You Want -- 

But if You Try Real Hard -- You Get What You Need



Rock Resorts  

Improve Your Decision Making 
by David GabriDavid G, President & CEO
Associated Luxury Hotels International

We can all agree that your ability to make decisions in your professional life can have a major impact on your career success, and on your ability to lead. Timely, and primarily accurate, decision making is key to leading your team, and assisting your clients and constituents to achieve organizational effectiveness and goals.


So how do we go about improving our decision making?


Read More ...

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Chapter Wins PCMA Annual Registrations
Interesting Content - Never Out of Style
Wanted: LinkedIn Moderators
3 Ways Email Can Save Your Career
NJ Nov Program: Revenue Management
Improve Your Decision Making
Non-Member Membership Drawing
Education Day Raffle
Welcome New Members!
4Q PCMA Events
Denver: One City Seven Reasons
The 2nd Right Answer!
Demystifying Twitter
Member Spotlight
Volunteer of Quarter
CVB Northeast Reps Unite
Communications Volunteers Wanted




Education Day


  Millenium Broadway Hotel


NYPCMA presents a fun, interactive program! Highlights include a "hands-on" gadget lab, the introduction to a new event social game played on your smart phones, and advanced social media and hybrid event tips. You will leave the day excited to return to your job and apply all that you have learned to your next event!    


Register Today!

Planners call Alison Hines 
for special offer (646) 616-0114.


Free Membership



Our chapter is giving away one free membership to a NEW (first time) planner member.  Every non-member planner who attends Education Day will be entered into a drawing for a free one year membership to PCMA (valued at $360). Start thinking of a friend you can bring to Education Day on Friday, September 16!



Join us at this Friday's Education Day where you can win hotel stays around the country.  Buy a ticket or buy a bunch and all proceeds will go to charity!

If your venue would like to participate in the drawing, please notify Michelle James, CMP at mjames@icsc.org  It's a great way for a planner to see your city, property or product.



Welcome to our new members who have joined NYPCMA in May-June 2011!

They include planners, suppliers and students. Click here to see Who's Who


NYPCMA offers opportunities for you to demonstrate your commitment to the professionalism and development of the meetings and hospitality industry, as well as access to a targeted audience, to showcase your products and/or services.
No sponsorship is considered too small and there are many ways to co-partner to make your contribution go even further.

Opportunities available for
 November's NJ Program.

For More Information Contact:

NYPCMA Sponsorship Director
Blanca Ferreris
Phone: 212-655-6058
Email: bferreris@rims.org 

pcma Events 



Oct 13-14 Las Vegas


Oct 20 Washington, DC 

Registration Information 



Nov 13-16 Cancun 

Registration Information 



 NYPCMA On The Web





Hilton New York
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Best In Class Speaker Steers Members to "The 2nd Right Answer!" 

Speaker Sue Welcome

June.11.Speaker Plus

(L_R): NYPCMA President Amanada Ciarlone; Dir. Group Sales Dan Parasido, Doubletree Guest Suites Times Square; Speaker Sue Hershcowitz-Coore


















Our plates are full ... we're moving fast ... and, we may well be falling into communication patterns that are sabotaging our success. At our third-quarter chapter meeting held at the Doubletree Guest Suites Times Square on June 14th, Sue Hershkowitz-Coore,CSP (aka "Speaker Sue") presented "Looking for the 2nd Right Answer!"--alerting us to the ineffectiveness of "default" communication patterns.   Read More ...  


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Demystifying Twitter ... 
Molly A. Martinez, Ph.D.
Executive Director,
Ticket Summit

By now everyone is quite familiar with what Twitter is, and the marketing industry almost mandates that one use that channel as part of one's overall marketing strategy. It can leave many people wondering, "how on earth do I integrate this"? 


Here are some tips on how to begin integrating Twitter into your event/conference management strategy:


Read More ...


Continental Airlines
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Member Spotlight
Nancy Huang
NYU Student Member, Tourism Management Program 

Marketing Assistant, Marketing Challenges International 

By Leslie DiLeo, CMP

The Millenials: Keeping it Real


New NYPCMA student member Nancy Huang, an intern at Marketing Challenges International, was once intrigued by the idea of becoming an investigative reporter. "Sleuthing, the excitement of the Edward R. Murrow days" appealed to Huang, who notes that 24-hour news coverage has changed the appeal of informing people of critical information.


Read More ... 
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President's Volunteer of the Quarter

Stuart Ruff, CMP, CGMP
Senior Meetings Planner
Marketing & Programs Strategy 

International Trademark Association

This quarter, I'd like to recognize Stuart Ruff, Senior Meeting Planner, International Trademark Association, and Director of Programs for the New York Area Chapter of PCMA. It's fitting that Stuart be recognized for his contributions to our programs because of his tremendous effort towards planning our Education Day on Friday, September 16.  Stuart is a "Get It Done" kind of guy.  I have had the pleasure of knowing and working closely with him for about 3 years. He is an outstanding individual and when I think of the best and brightest meeting professionals in the New York area, he is at the top of the list.


Stuart is a trend setter and a thought leader in the New York community, the larger community of PCMA in the United States, as well as around the world.  His involvement in the New York Area Chapter of PCMA has made our organization and the education we offer our members better.  He is innovative and a very results oriented leader.   


Stuart, thank you for being an inspiration to me personally, and for the time and service you contribute to PCMA.

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San Diego Orange
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Convention & Visitor Bureau Northeast Reps Unite


A Levy 

By Amber Levy

Director North & Southeast Region Hotel Sales, LA Inc.

NYPCMA Membership Committee Director


Announcing the formation of the Northeast Convention and Visitor Bureau Representatives (NECVB Reps). Members work together to promote services and the destinations they represent.Read More ...

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Marketing & Communications Volunteer Opportunities  



NYPCMA is looking for a volunteer to keep our events and activities in the news.  This is ideal for anyone who is interested in public relations - preparing press releases and photos for release and building relationships with our news network.

Constant Contact



Enjoy graphic layout? ... the marketing and communications committee can use your help with the quarterly compilation of our chapter newsletter. Experience with Constant Contact email marketing platform a plus or, this is a great opportunity if you have a interest in learning.  

                                      Contact: nypcma.news@gmail.com
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PCMA New York Area Chapter's main purpose is to represent PCMA on a local level by offering quality educational seminars, along with the opportunity for members to contribute their time, knowledge, and experience through networking and committee involvement to further the professionalism of the meetings industry.
NYPCMA Communications / Newsletter Committee

Director, Marketing/Communications: Lynne Nordone, CMP, LAN/events

Production Editor:
Position Open 

Copy Editors: 
Leslie DiLeo, CMP
                       Molly Martinez, Ph.D. 

Contributing Writers:
Leslie DiLeo, CMP
                                   David Gabri, ALHI
                                   Sue Hershcowitz-Coore, CSP  
     Molly Martinez, Ph.D., Ticket Summit

Social Media Managers:  Matt Davis, ALHI
                                      Lesley Kyle, Society of Plastics Engineers

Public Relations Specialist: 
Position Open

Contribute an article and earn CMP application and re-certification points.
Contact Lynne Nordone at