Issue #7                                                                                                 December 2, 2010

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We want nominate your latest product or service innovation!  Submit your nomination using our convenient online form by December 10, 2010, and you could find yourself and your development team on the stage at the fabulous Capitale in New York City next April, accepting an Edison Best New Product Award.


More Strong Contenders 


In our last newsletter, we told you that competition for the Edison Best New Product Awards™ was heating up.  Here are a few more "hot" nominees:



NOMADAribex's NOMAD Pro Handheld XRay Device provides convenient, wireless, in-chair dental xray capabilities, especially effective with children or special needs patients.

 DTV Shredder 2



 The DTV Shredder, the first true crossover vehicle for action and power sport enthusiasts, which folds to fit into the trunk of any car.


  GeaCom Phrazer

GeaCom's Phrazer, a medical device that translates from 20 different languages and provides cultural information relating to the patient's care and treatment.



Q&A with Tom Cosgrove

Discovery Exec Heads

New 3D Television Network Joint Venture


Tom Cosgrove

Tom Cosgrove

We recently caught up with Tom Cosgrove, a member of the Edison Awards Steering Committee and former executive vice president and COO of the Discovery Channel.  Cosgrove recently became President and CEO of 3D Net, a Sony/Discovery Communications/IMAX joint venture television network.  3D Net is expected to launch in early 2011 as one of the first full-time, all-3D television networks in the U.S. 


EA:  We've read about Discovery Channel's commitment to creating a library of 3D television programming.  What does this mean to the traditional TV programming as we've known it? 


Cosgrove: Discovery, Sony, and Imax (the venture partners) believe that the high-end production technologies (and accompanying displays) have emerged to the point where 3D is now a strong and compelling tool in the creative arsenal of storytelling and TV making.  Just as TV did not fully replace radio, so too will HD and 3D live side by side in the near future.   The goal for the venture is to provide the best 3D television experience in the home, bar none.


EA: Beyond the obvious thrill of watching 3D in our living rooms, how will the medium boost the educational impact of the programming?


Cosgrove: When 3D is at its best, the experience crosses over from simply engaging to highly immersive.  It's that immersive experience that will heighten both the educational and entertainment impact, seamlessly.


EA: Given the limitless content on the internet and the growing, experience-building power of video, do you think future generations will consider brick-and-mortar libraries and museums as viable resources?


Cosgrove: I do.  I recently took my boys to George Washington's Mount Vernon estate...keeping 5 and 10 year olds engaged in history is not a slam dunk, but for them it was a phenomenal way to experience how Washington lived and worked first hand.  They loved it, and left with an appreciation of a part of history that might otherwise be difficult to understand.  That said, part of the experience included a short film on Washington's life and times in addition to other interactive elements.  The combination of new media and brick-and-mortar made it that much more compelling; it's that combination of technology and artifact that will drive such places in the future.


For more details about 3D Net, read this article written following Cosgrove's appearance at a recent Piper Jaffray Technology, Media & Telecommunications Conference.

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The Edison Awards™ recognize the persistence and excellence personified by Thomas Edison and his tremendous legacy. Be sure to visit our website for more information, including award categories, nomination criteria, a nomination form, and a list of past winners.

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April 5, 2011

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