Issue #3                                                                                                    October 7, 2010
Edison Best New Product Awards
Why Nominate Your New Product?
"The Edison Award honor carries a tremendous perceived value and an embedded familiarity in all business, end user and international circles. Edison is a global mark and prestigious achievement for any recipient. The brand is well managed and highly regarded".
Brian Levine - Vice President Business Development
Let your current and future customers know that your innovation is in league with the Edison brand and worthy of such a prestigious accolade.  Nominate your new product or service now for an
Edison Best New Product Award !
And when you win, a whole new world of opportunity is opened to you.  Together with our Sponsors and Partners, Edison Award winners become the focus of our promotional efforts including: 

  • National exposure through media campaign, including aggressive outreach to morning shows and talk shows
  • Use the Edison Award Winning brand to generate awareness on Discovery Channel, Science Channel, How Stuff Works, The Daily Beast and Nielsen Wire
  • National coupon and sampling effort leading to testimonials led by 600,000 BzzAgents
  • Leverage the seal for product differentiation at the store level
  • Increased exposure in social media, including Facebook, Twitter
  • Recognize the team involved with creating and launching your product successfully.  
Nominate your game-changing new product or service today, and join the "best of the best" in the 21st Century of innovation. 

Does Your Product/Service Qualify? 
The Edison Best New Product Awards recognize innovations in twelve different categories, ranging from consumer packaged goods to Science and Medical to innovative new services.  
It's easy to submit a nomination using our convenient online form, which guides you through the process and even provides examples from some of our former winning nominees.
Still have questions?  Please contact us.  We're here to help.

Echoes of Edison
Did you know that Thomas Edison invented an electric pen in 1875?  It could reproduce up to 5,000 copies of a single document and became a boon in the insurance and banking industries. 
 Electric Pen
A few years later, Edison's second generation solution, the mimeograph, was being promoted by A.B. Dick, who'd bought the patent from Edison.  In the 1890s another offspring of the original invention was the world's first electric tattoo pen. 
Even now, in the 21st Century, Thomas Edison continues to be a standard for measuring technological prowess and entrepreneurship among today's geniuses of creation and management. 
Thomas Edison was known throughout the world for his many inventions, and his legacy continues in the 21st Century.  In an effort begun in 1978 to sort more than 5 million pages documenting Edison's works, The at Edison Papers at Rutgers University publishes an online edition of these transcribed and annotated documents.
One of the most ambitious editing projects undertaken by a university, The Thomas Edison Papers provide a unique resource for understanding the unbounded themes, variations, and processes of invention and innovation.  The volumes offer an overview of Edison's life and career and significant resources for understanding the development of electrical and other technology, as well as the emergence of new technological industries. 
For more information or to donate to the project visit

Innovation Summit 
The Daily Beast is hosting its first annual Innovators Summit: Reboot America, taking place in New Orleans from October 21-23.  In cooperation with HP & HBO, the Summit will bring together 300 thought leaders from around the globe in New Orleans, a city of reinvention, to explore ways to foster innovation and kick start American economy.
Speakers include: General Stanley A. McChrystal, Barry Diller, Sir Richard Branson, Mayor Mitch Landrieu, David Neeleman, Spike Lee, David Simon, Walter Isaacson, Joseph Stiglitz, Michelle Rhee, Joel Klein, Robert Hormats, and many, many more.
For more on the Summit and our fabulous list of speakers, please click here. The Summit will be live-streamed on Yahoo! will also live stream portions of the event.

About the Edison Awards
The Edison Awards™ recognize the persistence and excellence personified by Thomas Edison and his tremendous legacy. Be sure to visit our website for more information, including award categories, nomination criteria, a nomination form, and a list of past winners.
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Does Your Product Qualify?
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 Lafley video #1
"Innovation is as much about the strategy, the system and the culture of the social system as it is about the 'eureka moment' or the invention."  
A.G. Lafley, Retired Chairman & CEO, Procter & Gamble
Win a PulsePen!
Nominations received before October 31st for the 2011 Edison Best New Product Award  will bePulse Pen entered into a drawing to win one of five 
Smart Pulse Pens(R) by Livescribe, winner of a 2010 Edison Gold Award.

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Failure is Good
"We now know a thousand ways not to build a lightbulb."
 Thomas Alva Edison

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