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who are youThe most important and most frequent questions parents ask us are:


"How do you know your tutors are who say say they are?"


"Does Tutoring Match do background checks?"


"How do you ensure your tutors are excellent tutors?"



We answer by saying..

"All tutors who join Tutoring Match are independent contractors who choose to use our site to offer their academic skills and services to parents and students.  


We tell parents that...    

  • We collect information from a tutor and he/she decides what to share with the public. 
  • Tutors decide how they want us to market their experience, background and services.  
  • Many tutors have been interviewed and pre-screened, but not all.  
  • Many tutors have submitted a resume and provided references.  
  • Many tutors have teaching and/or tutoring certification.  
  • Many have testimonials either on their profiles or on file with us.  
  • Many tutors have testimonials about their past successes.
  • Some tutors have provided background checks.
  • We do not train tutors unless they request that service.
  • A tutor's profile indicates the level of commitment and interest a tutor has.
So, if you would like to be better known and improve your credibility so you can attract more requests, you might consider the following questions:

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