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Does your Profile say "Professional"
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What impression are parents and students left with when they view your profile? Have you seen your public profile. If not, place your zip code in the map on our homepage. Does your profile say "professional"?  


In an effort to improve our client experiences, your profile will need to be complete, professional and current in order to be visible to parents and students. After August 1st, profiles that don't meet this  criterion will be placed at the bottom of all search results and eventually deactivated.  



Include the Right Profile Picture

Profile photos are now required for all tutors. Adding a photo helps you get noticed in various search results and increases your chances of getting hired.

Follow these guidelines for an effective profile photo:

  • Clearly identify yourself (visible face and eyes, no sunglasses).
  • Use a real photo (not a cartoon or drawing).
  • Use a photo that's positioned upright (not sideways or upside down).
  • Do not show any hand gestures in your photo.

Add a photo to your Tutoring Match profile NOW.

Is your Profile Complete and Professional?

Your profile showcases your experiences and qualifications to parents and students. If it isn't relevant and complete, it isn't helping anyone.

  • Describe yourself, including your skills and tutoring experience in your Narrative text box.
  • Are your Education and Experience fields up-to-date?  
  • Use proper punctuation and grammar (this means no misspellings, no abbreviations and complete sentences).
  • Add Testimonials from clients, but but do not use full names of parents, students or other references.
  • If you offer a fee range, you must explain that range in the Payment Options text box.    
  • Make sure you have indicated Available Tutorial Locations
  • Do not include links to other sites.
  • Optional, but helpful:  
    • Upload a Resume (no addresses or last names allowed)
    • Add a Video   

See Profile Slide Show or Tutor FAQs for more suggestions. 


Note: After you update your profile, we will review the changes. When we approve them, your profile will be reactivated.


Edit your profile now.

Is Your Availability Up-to-Date?

Have your summer hours changed?  

When your availability is up-to-date, parents can better determine if you are a good fit for their son or daughter. If you aren't available for tutoring, then your profile is misleading prospective parents and wasting their time if they choose you. Your credibility also comes into question with us if you haven't made updated.

Select the days of the week and times you're available and make sure to click "SAVE" when you're done. You should confirm your availability every time you log in to ensure your most current schedule is displayed.

Update your availability now.

Your Profile is Valuable.

See the value comparison for tutor memberships.  

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