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Why does my tutor profile need a résumé to attract potential clients?

While your tutor profile displays basic information to entice prospective clients, your résumé can expand and reinforce what you have briefly stated in your profile. A résumé shows how well you organize and present yourself. A résumé says you have taken the time to be more professional while showing how your education and experience would be a good fit. A résumé helps create that impressive first impression.


What are the advantages of having my résumé uploaded to my profile?

Parents and students can "check you out" much faster and see if your credentials match up your experience to their needs. If you have a résumé, parents will view you as a serious tutor, especially since many of the other tutors you may be competing with will have uploaded theirs. Parents don't want to waste time requesting or researching information about you. If you are a +Plus or Professional Member, you can use your résumé to include much more info.   

See membership advantages.  


Will potential parents hire a tutor without a résumé?

Would you hire someone to tutor you or your child without one? Most tutors without a résumé don't get chosen. This is also true about tutors who have profiles without a photo, references, or a clear payment explanation. 


What should I include in my résumé?

You should include everything that is relevant to tutoring (education, experience, teaching, other tutoring, even hobbies and additional educational interests, etc.) Make sure you are addressing your audience - parents and students. Make sure you exclude (declutter!) all extraneous info. and make sure your résumé conforms to Tutoring Match's résumé guidelines


How can a résumé work against me? 

Sometimes tutors who have another résumé, upload their professional résumé just to have a resume attached to their Tutoring Match profile. Sometimes these résumés are written with another audience in mind and addressed to some other opportunity. While that may show you are multi-talented, it may not be what parents are looking for from you. Most parents and students are looking for the following in your profile and your résumé:

  • level of education and experience
  • success with others; a track record (Show these in your testimonials and reviews.) 
  • level of energy and interests
  • connection and chemistry; how you relate to students; sense of fun and humor (You can show these in your profile's personal statement)  

 advantagesWhat advantages do résumés give +Plus or Professional Members?  

guidelinesIf you are a +Plus or Professional Member, you may include the following in your résumé:

      • your full name
      • your home or work address
      • your contact information (phone numbers or email addresses)
      • website addresses or links to other profiles or sites
      • references and contact information of other people    

How do I upload my résumé to my profile?

To upload and attach your résumé to your profile, you must convert your document to a PDF format. To do this, simply do a SAVE AS and choose pdf. from the options, and then save to a résumé folder (You may have to create one.). Then open up your Tutoring Match account; go to MY PROFILE and then scroll down the page where you input all your information for your profile. To upload your résumé, browse through to your résumé folder and then click on the document and click UPLOAD.    

If you are a
+Plus or Professional Member, our staff will do this for you.  All you have to do is email your résumé as an attachment, and we will convert it and then upload it to your profile.


When is a perfect time to add my resume?

How about NOW 


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