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Photo Matters  

Tutor Collage

If you were a student or parent looking for a tutor, which of the above photos would you least likely look at?  


A profile with a photo is 300% more likely to be considered.


Close to 40% of the tutors in our network of over 3,000 tutors have NOT uploaded a photo. What is that all about?


Top 12 reasons (excuses?) for a tutor's not posting a photo:

      1. didn't have time to post one when I created my account 
      2. too busy 
      3. not comfortable putting my photo on the web
      4. too much trouble 
      5. don't know how to upload a photo on your site
      6. don't have any good photos
      7. don't have any photos on my computer
      8. don't want people to see I am on the web
      9. don't like to be photographed
      10. don't like how I look
      11. don't want people to see I am associated with Tutoring Match????  
      12. combinaton of the above???

If your profile is missing a photo, do these reasons/excuses resonate?   


If so, how do you think your choice impacts on possible clients who have a choice between tutors with photos and those without?  Read on... 


Here's how many parents/students view profiles without photos:

  • Must not be that serious a tutor  
  • Shy? Secretive? Fearful? Sorry, I'm looking for a tutor with confidence.
  • Not sure I can trust a tutor who does not identify himself or herself.  
  • If you are going to meet my child in person, I would like to know what you look like.
  • I am not hiring a tutor based on appearances, but a first impression helps open the door.

Here's a sample of a typical search for study skills:

search results

ere are some advantages for having a profile photo: 

  • Your photo says something about your unique identity.
  • Your profile is more noticeable.  
  • A photo says something about your approachability, warmth, openness and attitude. 
  • Your photo encourages parents and students to click on your profile.
  • Tutors with profiles with photos (+ other required fields) will have another major advantage: the opportunity to use all 70+ marketing, payment and support services, tools, features, discounts and options. See Professional Membership.      

 Here are some tutor profiles with effective photos:   


View what your Tutoring Match Agreement says about photos.


Here's what happens to your profile without a photo: 

  • Your profile will continue to attract fewer parent/student visitors/VIEWS than profiles with photos.
  • In August 2011 photo-less profiles will become unviewable by parents and students until a photo is uploaded. 




What is a "good" photo for my profile? 

How is posting an unclear photo almost as bad, maybe worse, than not posting one at all?

Can I call you and have you take me through the process? 

Will you upload to my profile, if I send you an email with my photo attached?  

Can I send a photo to your office and have you upload it? 

What is going to happen to profiles without photos? 

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