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  • Home-School News April 2014
  • Where to get all your homeschool questions answered. New infographics: How to Get Started in Homeschooling, Top 7 Reasons to Homeschool. Dozens of new articles, including How to Start a Nature Notebook and Don't Give Up on Your Late Bloomers.

  • Home-School News - October 2013
  • Voting opened for the 2014 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards. We added a great new infographic to the site, perfect for showing the benefits of homeschooling to skeptical friends and relatives. 62 new articles added to our website. How to advertise with us.

  • Home-School News - April 2013
  • How to get a free copy of 2012 Reader Award Winners list (sorry, the offer has now expired)
    What was in issue #108 of Practical Homeschooling?
    New software version of classic board game
    What's new on our website?
    How to advertise with us

  • Home-School News - March 2013
  • Advance peek at our March issue
    Offer to review Time4Learning...for free!
    More about The Farming Game - Software Edition
    20 Great Reasons You a few more!
    What's new on our website?

  • Home-School News - December 2012
  • How to give a Practical Homeschooling gift subscription to your homeschool friends
    New official software version of the classic Farming GameŽ - developed by a homeschool grad!
    The "14 Days of Homeschool Christmas"
    Latest articles & infographics on our site
    Want to contribute a "Day at Our House" article to Practical Homeschooling magazine? Here's how!

  • Home-School News - November 2012
  • What's in the Nov/Dec issue of Practical Homeschooling?
    Last chance to vote in i-Learn Awards this year
    Homeschool version of "I Will Survive" rocks YouTube
    New infographics we added to our website

  • Home-School News - October 2012
  • We offered a free copy of the 2012 "Reader Awards" issue
    Asking for votes for the 2012 i-Learn (Interactive Learning) Awards
    Stand-up humor by homeschooler rocks YouTube
    New articles & fun facts on our website
    How to get your "Day at Our House" published in Practical Homeschooling magazine

  • Home-School News - May 2012
  • Practical Homeschooling relaunch party
    Asking for votes for the 2012 Reader Awards ballot
    What's in the new issue of Practical Homeschooling?
    Cool new articles and - something new - homeschool INFOGRAPHICS on our website!
    How to send us your "Day at Our House" article and become a published writer

  • Home-School News - December 2011
  • 2012 Bible Reading plan is here!
    Top Ten New Year's resolutions for homeschool prents
    Last chance to enter the PHS #100 Story Contest
    11 new articles on the website
    How to send us your "Day at Our House" article and become a published writer!

  • Home-School News - November 2011
  • How to nominate your favorites for our 2012 i-Learn Awards
    12 new articles on the website!
    News about our Facebook page, and how to find it
    Want to become a published author? Here's how to write for PHS

  • Home-School News - June 2011
  • How to nominate your favorite curricula and homeschool products to appear in the 2012 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards. The Way Home blog launches. New articles on our website, including College Savings Plans Demystified, First Grade on a Shoestring, and Stuck at the Prom.

  • Home-School News - April 2011
  • Outrageous political shenanigans! You won't believe the threats against THREE children of former Practical Homeschooling columnist Art Robinson. How to find us on Facebook. Extra time for subscribers to end a couple of our contests. New articles on our website. How to get Mary's newest book.

  • Home-School News - January 2011
  • How to write a Day at Our House diary for Practical Homeschooling magazine. Sale on 4 classical homeschool goodies. What new articles were published on our website. 2011 Bible Reading Plan announced.

  • Home-School News - November 2010
  • Humorous animated "Christmas card" from the Pride kids. Where to get Mary Pride's newest book. How to win a beauty pageant. How to get your story about your homeschool day published in Practical Homeschooling. More!

  • Home-School News - October 2010
  • It's official -- homeschooling is mainstream! Scary new reason to homeschool. Where you can find dozens of brand-new products and courses never before offered to homeschoolers. Guide to new articles on our site. More!

  • Home-School News - Sept 2010
  • Emergency for Botswana homeschoolers, news about Mary Pride's 25th Anniversary Edition of The Way Home, and how to get published in Practical Homeschooling magazine.

  • Home-School News - May 2010
  • Ongoing battle for "kidnapped" Swedish homeschooler, public school thrills and spills, more.

  • Home-School News - March 2010
  • Famous homeschool dad runs for Congress, YouTube videos that made us laugh, appalling yet oddly fascinating stories about the slo-mo train wreck that is public education, and more.

  • Home-School News - Jan 2010
  • Update on KONOS co-founder Jessica Hulcy's recovery, poll on how the economy is affecting homeschoolers, more.

  • Home-School News - November 2009
  • Jessica Hulcy's almost-fatal accident, tribute to Chris Klicka, some tongue-in-check fun with what's hot and not about the swine flu panic (all totally borne out by subsequent events, BTW!), and more.

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