Synergy Success E-Zine, March, 2012


"In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing,

the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing,

and the worst thing you can do is nothing. ~Theodore Roosevelt 



Greetings to YOU and a Warm Welcome to our strong community of high-achieving women who intend to thrive amidst the challenges of work and life while showing grace under pressure.


I know you're really busy, so I'll be quick, OK? 


One of my favorite phrases is "It's Easier DONE than SAID." (read that again, because it's backwards from how we usually say it!)  Every time I hear it, I break out in one of those ear-to-ear grins and can't help but giggle. 


Why, you ask?  Because I feel totally BUSTED! 


When looking at my big goals, I used to think "if I can't do it perfect right now, I'll just wait until later; (when I have more time, more resources, more inspiration, information," etc) which only created a stack of loose ends, taking huge chunks of time, energy, and productivity away from me each day.  This kept me busy on trivial things, getting a whole lot of nothing done!


Can you relate?  If so, you'll enjoy knowing that by taking a few small actions you can beat procrastination!  Get ready to shift from being busy to being more productive with  

my time-tested tips to help you kick procrastination to the curb and take your life to the next level.


Get rid of any hesitation, OK?  Let's lock arms and seize the day!  

Christina Kunkle, CTA Certified Life and Wellness Coach, R.N. "Resilience Coach for High-Achieving Women who want to thrive by building a life, not just a career."    


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March 2012 Events


9th, Friday
Leadership Development Group Coaching Program 11:30-1
10th, Saturday
Leadership Development Group Coaching Program 11:30-1

14th, Wednesday "Synergy Success Circle" Lunch Meeting 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at McAlister's Deli.


15th, Thursday

"Synergy Success Circle" Dinner Meeting 5:30p.m. -7:00 p.m. at McAlister's Deli.

Self-Care Affirmation


 "I am SO Worth investing whatever Time, Energy, and Resources are necessary to SOAR."





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Tips to Kick Procrastination to the Curb!

Re-define Perfect: Procrastination is the evil step-sister of perfectionism.  Check to see if you have the bar set WAY TOO HIGH for yourself . Take on a new perspective that allows you to set realistic expectations with the time, resources, and circumstances you have. And remember you have nothing to are already perfect in your imperfection!  


 Break it down:  Take your BIG Goal and break it down into doable chunks of time, set the timer for 20-30 minutes and feel a sense of completion when you consider yourself "done" with that block of time.  Small, continuous chunks of time will create unstoppable momentum!


Conquer Fear: Often we resist taking action because we don't want to make a mistake.  So instead of risking doing it wrong, we don't do it at all!  Don't be afraid...a mistake is really just a mis-take!  There can always be a take-two!  The worst thing you can do is nothing.


Act 'As-if ': We can stall out if we give in to self-doubt or lack confidence in our abilities.  If we approach life as if everything is definitely possible and removed the doubt, we would achieve a lot more.  Ask "what would I be doing if I believed I could really achieve this?"  Then do it...muster the courage to take a bold baby step forward.


Clean up-Set up-Get up: Are you surrounded by piles of papers, folders, and stacks of miscellaneous things in your office?  If so, you probably feel overwhelmed just looking at all that stuff!  Your mind can't focus well in a cluttered space, so do what you have to do to clean up the mess.  Revel in the difference it makes when you write your to-do list from a clean space :)



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What do YOU think of

STRONG as the new SKINNY?


Coach Challenge: Consider this question for just a moment: How would you feel right now if you replaced society's message about how we should look with the belief that STRONG is the new SKINNY? What would you be inspired to do differently?  This motto is what Crossfit embraces, and why I am so excited to be a part of their program.  Curious?  Check it out here.




Hi, I'm Christina Kunkle, the founder of Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching LLC and Creator of the Synergy Success Circle.  My practice is dedicated to helping Professional Women squelch overwhelm and prevent burn out by promoting bounce-back resilience to stay focused, positive, & excited through challenges of work and life.  In addition to one on one coaching,  I facilitate keynotes, workshops, and retreats on topics related to Resilience and Work/Life balance. Do You know of a group that could use some inspiration and practical tips or are you curious about how coaching works?  Then I'd love to share with you what I believe to be  the most powerful tool for change on the planet! read more...                                                                    

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