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Greetings! You have reached the archive page for Womenable's quarterly electronic newsletters.

Womenable is a research, program and policy development consultancy whose mission is to improve the environment for women-owned businesses worldwide. More specifically, we:
  • conduct insightful and actionable research,
  • communicate information and insights in a clear, concise, and thought-provoking manner, and
  • work with the stewards of women's entrepreneurship around the world - policy makers, multi-lateral organizations, corporate decision makers, entrepreneurial support organizations, and the women's business community - to implement, evaluate and improve policies and programs to support women's enterprise development.
In other words, we raise the tide that will lift all women-owned boats.

The newsletters below contain news and links to information that we hope will enable your work on behalf of women business owners around the world. And for more information about Womenable, please visit our web site or read The Womenabler Blog.
  • Womenable's E-newsletters
  • Womenabling News 2nd Quarter 2016
  • Research Round-up: A summary of the latest womenabling insights from around the world.
  • Womenabling News 1st Quarter 2016
  • A summary of the newly-published 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses report, with links to the executive report and summary tables documents.
  • Womenable's Top Ten of 2015
  • Our annual top ten list. This year, the ten most womenabling hashtags of 2015.
  • Womenabling News 2nd Quarter 2015
  • Womenabling policy and program evaluation: what works?; New womenabling reference materials; Lessons learned from Sweden.
  • Womenabling News 1st Quarter 2015
  • Sowing seeds of womenabling knowledge: a round-up of newly published books focused on the growth of women's entrepreneurship, including Feminine Capital and Undeterred.
  • Womenable's Top Ten of 2014
  • Our annual top ten list - this year focusing on the ten most womenabling research-based facts of 2014.
  • Womenabling News 3rd Quarter 2014
  • Highlights: Investing in women-owned firms - buying from women-owned firms on e-commerce platforms, crowdfunding them, and investing in new women-in-leadership stock funds.
  • Womenabling News 2nd Quarter 2014
  • Highlights: May the womenabling force be with you; IFC & Goldman Sachs up the ante for access to capital for women entrepreneurs.
  • Womenabling News 1st Quarter 2014
  • Highlights: A Women's History Month look at some entrepreneurial women who are making history today.
  • Womenable's Top Ten of 2013
  • Highlights: Our annual "top ten" list - this year marking the ten most womenabling research events - not just of the past year, but the past 25 years!
  • Womenable 3Q2013 E-news
  • A special issue marking the silver anniversary of the signing of the landmark Women's Business Ownership Act of 1988. What were the four main tenets of the law, and what's changed since 1988?
  • Womenable 2Q2013 E-news
  • New research reports highlight access to capital successes and challenges; mentoring programs provide a helping hand; programs improving access to new markets for women business owners.
  • Womenable 1Q2013 E-news
  • Highlights: the state of women-owned businesses in 2013; growing under the radar; songs of praise and protest in video.
  • Womenable's Top Ten of 2012
  • Highlights: Womenable's Top Ten womenabling news, events and research of 2012.
  • Womenable 3Q2012 E-news
  • Highlights: Feeding your womenabling spirit; girl power; women feeding the world; research round-up
  • Womenable 2Q2012 E-news
  • Highlights: Progress in federal procurement?; the 'balance' debate returns; research round-up; telling stories.
  • Womenable 1Q2012 E-news
  • Highlights: Measuring economic clout - an up-to-date accounting of the state of women-owned businesses in the US; women and innovation; speaking up for women's empowerment.
  • Womenable 's Top Ten of 2011
  • Highlights: Womenable's Top Ten womenabling news, events, and research of 2011.
  • Womenable 3Q2011 E-news
  • Highlights: Research Roundup - New reports from the World Bank and IFC; the impact of WBCs in the US; closing the gender gap in high-tech entrepreneurship; two upcoming research reports to watch out for.
  • Womenable 2Q2011 E-news
  • Highlights: All About Assessments - What's so important about BEEs?; The state of women-owned firms in the US; Whither WED in the UK?; Survey says ...
  • Womenable 1Q2011 E-news
  • Highlights: Marking the centenary of International Women's Day; What's new in research?; Investing in the future - empowering girls to achieve their dreams.
  • Womenable's Top Ten of 2010
  • Highlights: Womenable's Top Ten list of the most womenabling news & events of 2010; 2010's most womenabling research reports.
  • Womenable 3Q2010 E-news
  • Highlights: Lighting candles in Rwanda; The new "UN Women Entity"; Global gender gatherings; the latest womenabling research news.
  • Womenable 2Q2010 E-news
  • Highlights: Navigating the Federal procurement maze; Blueprints and roadmaps: charting a new course for women's enterprise development; News and research updates; Save the date for upcoming Census announcement!
  • Womenable 1Q2010 E-news
  • Highlights: Gauging our progress: commentary on recent "glass half full" and "glass half empty" messages about women's economic empowerment; UN regional commissions; visiting a women's museum in March.
  • Womenable's Top Ten of 2009
  • Highlights: Womenable's view of the Top 10 events and trends in women's enterprise for 2009; The Womenabler Blog's most widely-read blogposts; our wish for 2010.
  • Womenable 3Q2009 E-news
  • Highlights: New and impending research; the best of times, the worst of times for women around the world; pick a card, any card; what lies beyond cute kids and pet tricks on web-based video.
  • Womenable 2Q2009 E-news
  • Highlights: Is it what you know or who you know?; who are the leaders of the pack in women's enterprise support rankings?; empowering women through music; and the latest womenabling news links.
  • Womenable 1Q2009 E-news
  • Highlights: is the glass half empty or half full for women's enterprise?; shining a light - the value of awards; and Womenable 2.0 - our presence on social media.
  • Womenable Autumn 2008 E-news
  • Highlights: a toast to women's enterprise anniversaries; the importance of compacts and declarations; measuring the status of women worldwide; and new research from Womenable on seeking balance and achieving growth.
  • Womenable Summer 2008 E-news
  • Highlights: The double bottom line for women business owners of color; new women-focused international initiatives; web-based videos on women's enterprise; new GEM women's report and other new research.
  • Womenable Spring 2008 E-news
  • Highlights: New GEM report published - women's report due soon; celebrating International Women's Day and Women's History Month in audio and video; three cheers to the UK for its new women-centric Enterprise Strategy.
  • Womenable 4Q2007 E-news
  • Highlights: Global gender gap report; the state of women's enterprise in the UK; new numbers for "women-led" firms in the US; purchasing with purpose: fair trade for the holidays; reaping what is sown: planning your exit strategy.
  • Womenable 3Q2007 E-news
  • Highlights: Landmark 5-country study exploring the characteristics, contributions and challenges of women business owners in MENA; tech-savvy women business owners; where is the money for women's economic empowerment?
  • Womenable 2Q2007 E-news
  • Highlights: Women business owners in the "missing middle" and other research focused on disparity and parity, struggle and success; venture philanthropy: doing well by doing good; keeping score: rankings and ratings for women's economic empowerment.
  • Womenable 1Q2007 E-news
  • Highlights: The history of Women's History Month; activities in women's enterprise development in the UK; angel networks for and by women; the female entrepreneurial voice in blogs.
  • Womenable 4Q2006 E-news
  • Highlights: New Womenable logo and look; US Census reports on characteristics of businesses and business owners; reports focusing on the voices of women business owners; direct investing in microenterprise and women's enterprise development; important research portals you should know about.
  • Womenable 3Q2006 E-news
  • Highlights: New research report focused on women angel investors; ICSB-NWBC Best Paper Award in women's entrepreneurship; 20th anniversary of the Women's Business Development Center in Chicago.
  • Womenable 2Q2006 E-news
  • Highlights: New research report focusing on women business owners in Vietnam; reflections on the "missing middle"; important new WBO reference reports from the US Census Bureau and the United Nations.
  • Womenable 1Q2006 E-news
  • Highlights: New report summarizing 3 women's business center-focused research studies in US; announcement of formation of UK women's enterprise task force; new Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report published.
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