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                                                                                 1st Quarter 2011
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Our newsletter wouldn't be complete without sharing some of the latest womenabling research developments. Here's an update:

An organization focused on international economic development aid transparency, Publish What You Fund, has issued an Aid Transparency Assessment Report rating 30 donors (multilateral groups as well as nations) on how well they share information about what and whom they fund. Tops on the list: the World Bank, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The analysis doesn't distinguish among the many types of projects that are funded (women's enterprise development among them), so who funds women's economic development? One key source is the Women's Funding Network. Their 160 member organizations invest $65 million USD annually around the world. Read their annual report to learn more.


A new report from Enterprising Women, a UK-based women's enterprise development group, finds - in a nationwide survey - that "unlocking the growth potential of female entrepreneurs" can best be achieved through targeted, women-friendly support. Yes, indeed.


Research from Womenable and many others has shown that women business owners lead and manage differently, and that their business goals are broader. In a new book just out, Babson College researchers Mary Godwyn and Donna Stoddard find that to be even more the case among minority women business owners. Minority Women Entrepreneurs, How Outsider Status Can Lead to Better Business Practices finds that women business owners of color are more likely to employ socially-conscious business practices and integrate personal and planet along with profit - for a more "triple bottom line" approach. Read more about it in this nice article by Business Week's Karen E. Klein.

Many of us womenablers have been saddened of late as the Center for Women's Business Research has encountered difficulties recently and gone to ground. Well, things are looking up. The Center will be partnering with Howard University's Communications
 Research and Resource Center (CERRC) on a number of research initiatives focused on women of color, and the Center will be joining with other organizations (the Center for Women's Leadership at Babson College and The Diana Project) and authors (Donna Kelley, Candida Brush, Patti Greene, Yana Litovsky) to co-produce the next GEM report on women and entrepreneurship - which has not been done since 2007. Huzzah!
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Helen Keller



"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."  

~ Hellen Keller (1880-1968), author and political/women's rights activist.

Marking the Centenary of International Women's Day
Looking back at how far we've come

With all deference to, and agreement with, the indomitable Helen Keller, we're bringing you some reflections of women's history - social, political and economic - that you can watch and listen to, and that we know will touch your heart.

Marking the Centenary: 100 Women of Destiny
Here's a wonderful short video giving props to 100 women who have made a difference in the world since the launch of International Women's Day 100 years ago. Learn more at 100-women-of-destiny.com. (1:37)

A Tribute to Women in History

A look the some of the women, past and present, who have made the world a better place. (4:22)

Women Helping Women: It's Taken Awhile, But We're Getting There
A primer on the history of the women's donor movement. Learn more at womenmovingmillions.net. (4:11)

The Womenabler Speaks
We couldn't end without including our own little ditty reflecting on the progress made by the women who've come before us, and our own ability to make history. Read the lyrics here. (1:15)

Investing in the Future

Empowering girls to achieve their dreams

Enough of looking back, let's look to the future. And what better way to ensure a womenabling future than investing in girls. Did you know that 1 in 7 girls in the developing world marries before age 15, and nearly 40% marry by age 18? Increasing educational opportunities and delaying marriage has tremendous positive ripple effects. This inspiring short (3:05) video is an eye-opening call to action to help ensure that more girls are able to make their dreams come true.

Visit girleffect.org to learn more. Other worthy organizations focused on girls include: And let's not forget that gender equality means boys, too. The International Center for Research on Women has joined with Promundo, the Sonke Gender Justice Network and others on the MenEngage Global Alliance, and is collaborating on some fascinating research focused on engaging men and boys in gender equality efforts. Kudos to them!.
Best wishes as you spring into action for women's economic empowerment!
Julie R. Weeks