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Welcome to our E-Newsletter Archives!

Our E-Newsletters are designed especially for HOSPICE VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS, who wear many hats within their organizations.  But, anyone involved in hospice work, caring for a loved one, or working with volunteers in general or in health care settings may find our E-Newsletters to be interesting, inspiring or motivating. 

We provide a learning SYSTEM specifically for training hospice volunteers.  Hospice has unique standards for training & supporting their volunteers.  However, other organizations such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities or hospitals will also find much of the information in our materials to be applicable to their training needs as well.  And, home health organizations providing care for hospice patients may also find our learning materials helpful in preparing their health care workers to understand and support the hospice approach to care-giving.

Family caregivers and individuals wishing to better understand hospice & how to be a better caregiver or supporter may also find our learning materials helpful. 

Visit our website to learn more about our volunteer learning SYSTEM, the subjects we cover, and the formats available, as well as benefits and pricing information. 

  • Hospice Volunteer Training Segments on DVD & On-Line Training Portal
    • Topics:   Hospice Mission, Philosophy, History, Confidentiality/HIPAA, Care & Comfort, Death & Dying, Grief & Loss, Patient Rights, Communication, Nursing Homes, Spiritual Care, Family, Ethics, Alzheimer's Disease
  • Resources
    • Full text Instructor Manual
    • Student Workbooks with COMPETENCY Quizzes & Reflection Questions
    • Annual Volunteer Review Tool with a new edition available yearly
    • DVD Set - Video Training Segments
    • On-Line Training Portal - Video Training Segments
  • Bereavement Training for Hospice Volunteers - Available on-line & includes on-line quizzes & downloadable certificate of completion

Pat Carver Media - Hospice Volunteer Training Series
Discovery Bay, CA
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