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December 2011
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Greetings Customers


January 31, 2012 is the new December 31, 2011 ...


... that is ... my 4th Quarter NL for 2011 is being delayed because my schedule for working at my day job is so much that when coupled with the ongoing research that I "need" to do to meet my horse race betting needs--i.e.g. see The Cozy Sax--I just can't get the (NewsLetter) job done ...


... so ... until then then ...


Some possible topics:


An unopened letter to Mr. John Stossel (that is, I have to praise him for something he recently wrote--Job Creators Fighting Back--and in the process give him a base hit so that with me his two strikes go to a base hit and he starts over with a clean slate for 2012).




More topics:


1. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. (The first time ever that I heard this cliché was from dear abby when I was in my ? teens? 20's? forget now, but notice what I'm revealing:  I read Dear Abby (or was it Dear Ann?) when I was a young man and men of my generation--or for sure the one before me--don't care (really?) about such things ... and ... halt. Point? Dunno ... yet ... tbd.


2. I finally can get my next book--book 1a--(self) published and released ... the time element to write was severely curtailed for me in last half of 2011 so I look forward to more time in the new year.


3. The Solution (see #1 above) is 100% separation of economics and state ... for more see this link ... and my new political motto or rather, sentiment next year and forward is going to be: If you are not part of the solution, then you are the problem. (see galt's speech, how this any different than his you say man not good enough to be altruistic enough but I am here to tell you it's end of your moral code ... etc ... seems like my sentiment is saying people not good enough to get the separation of econ and state idea ... etc ... this is not right so don't use it ... rather look deeper ... will do ...)


3a.  Is this deeper?


Ayn Rand (in the fictional person of John Galt) is saying that man is--contrary to public opion, man is--moral enough; it's his definition of what is moral that is wrong ... (i.e., it ain't what I don't know that's the problem, it's what I do know that ain't so that's f'g me up ... yes, Ayn Rand's way is an infinitely superior expression no doubt, but ... sentiment is the same ... )


... so that, to maintain the parallelism I should be saying, people are--contrary to public opion, people are--smart enough in spades to grasp the parallelism between church-state separation and economics-state separtion and hence see that the latter position--though a theoretical position--could quite possibly work as an actual situation in the world bringing benefits analogous to those of separation of church and state ...




4. It's going to take me 17 more months to be 100% out of debt. Then I will be free to work only for truly extra money and then maybe I'll do a monthly newsletter - wouldn't that be great? (But, given that in seventeen months I'll be one month shy of being 68 I wonder how many more 17 month plans do I have left in me?)


5. Not necessarily you say (to the monthly newsletter).


6. I think I have one more book to do - book 1b - after the current SYB one before I start book 2 (which if you remember, from my first book was to be the one titled egoAerodynamics--my working title for this book 2 is going to be: Including the Kitchen Sink.)


7. My Book 1a to be released really soon is this:




get up off your deathbed and




I had to and so do you.


On the Art and Science of becoming and staying virtuous--that is, Selfish.


(Selfishness Training Primer from the Selfishness Training Institute, LLC)




by the world's first PsycHHology Engineer,

Gary Dean Deering




8. The book following after the above one then--Book 1b's--temporary title and theme will be/is:



PsycHHology Engineering


Social Engineering


* * * * *






Social Engineering is others manipulation of your personality so as to make you be a tool of their desires and goals.


PsycHHology Engineering is you sculpting your own personal identity in such a way as to make you be the instrument of your own desires and goals.


Social Engineers promote ALL things altruistic as in others before self.


PsycHHology Engineers promote ALL things selfish as in self before everything, including Altruist's others, Environmentalism's dirt, and PETA's whales and worms and whatever not-you-life-form du jour they decide you should be sacrificed to.


And more for sure a tbd.


* * * * *


9. Well maybe December 31st, 2011 can be itself and this newsletter update can be the December 2011 NewsLetter after all!


Sounds like a plan to me.



Here is Prologue and TOC and Chapter 1 from soon to be released Save Yourself Brother book:



 SYB Prologue


The most common response--both Secular and Religious--to this book's title is:


From what?


The Religionist's answer is:


From the devil.


The Secularist's answer is:


From Religion.


If you have succuumbed to Religion's Creed of Self-Sacrifice then you have sucumbed to the devil and you have some issues to work out.


Not the least of which is the issue of Self Responsibility.


At the end of the day we are each responsible for ourself; no one can take this fact away from us.


Nor should we want them to.


To selfish man, the fact of self responsibility is reason to rejoice.


To make the connection that by nature we are self responsible is gloriously good news because one thing we know for absolute sure about (mother) nature is that she doesn't do anything half way. If nature demands self responsibility of us then nature gives us all the tools we need to achieve a state of full and complete self responsibility.


Our job is to achieve it.


This book will help you do your job.

 SYB Table of Contents 

Part 1:

At the deathbed of your mind


Chapter 1.   T.H.E.Y

Chapter 2.   I virtue

Chapter 3.   Selfishness and The Science of Becoming

Chapter 4.   Self Esteem and The Art of Being

Chapter 5.   The Art and Science of Being and Becoming


* * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Chapter 6.                                                                   .


* * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Part 2:

At the ressurection of your mind


Chapter 7.   The new New Selfishness Training Institute, LLC.

Chapter 8.   Selfishness Training vs (BiO) Spiritualism.

Chapter 9.   Ressurection

Chapter 10. Re-I-ntegration

Chapter 11. BiO Spiritualism's 3 P's revisited






Post Script:

Ayn Rand is wrong on yet another point.



 SYB Part 1/Chapter 1 


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  


PART  1:

At the deathbed of your mind


"I am speaking at the deathbed of your mind, at the brink

of that darkness in which you are drowning, ...

The word that has destroyed you is,


-Galt's Speech,

from Atlas Shrugged by

Ayn Rand, 1957, Random House,

New York, 18th Printing, hardcover, p. 1027

*  *  *  *  *  *  *


SYB Chapter 1


In a world that seems forever determined to deliberately destroy ego's (if you doubt this, watch and listen to any of the Sunday morning clergy preaching to their faith-filled-flocks on TV once a week every Sunday Morning, week-in and week-out, week-after-week-after-week, 52 times a year, year-in and year-out, year-after-year- after-year; and/or look at Muslims who do the same kind of thing to themselves five times a day, day-in and day-out, day-after-day-after-day, Monday through Sunday for a minimum total of 35 times a week 1,820 times a year, year-in and year-out, year-after-year-after-rocking-back-and-forth-and-back-and-forth-in-the-never-ending-cycle-of-deliberately-destroying-ego's-year) you have to preserve yours--or if necessary, ressurect yours--which is to say:

In a world (of the man-made) that is forever determinded to deliberately destroy ego's you preserve yours by starting and/or continuing to build your ego strength through ego-exercises (in the choice to exercise my capacity to think or not to exercise it, I choose to exercise it), then move on to increase your selfishness strength through selfishness-exercises (in the choice to feel or not to feel I choose to actually feel what my capacity to feel is feeling) and then go back-and-forth and back-and-forth in your own rational TFA (ThinkingFeelingActing) defensive countermeasures for self preservation, spiraling higher and higher beyond your destroyers reach and into the lap of your own luxurious being.

People who accept as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth the claim that self-sacrifice is the highest ideal, end up being dedicated to destroying ego's, to killing ego's because ego is the only thing standing between them and their vision of a perfect world.  By their own past choices they have no current choice not to destroy ego's (their future choices of course are still open, albeit, in inverse porportion to the degree of their "success"--high success at destroying their own ego, low desire to not destroy yours).  Granted they all start with their own ego's first and some never fully succeed in destroying it, but others of t.h.e.m do and so upon t.h.e.i.r success at destroying their own ego, t.h.e.y then are compelled to destroy yours least you remind them of the true evil they have comitted and so it becomes t.h.e.i.r mission in life to destroy you.

You as that inner three-dimenisonal-psychological-mirror that T.H.E.Y can't stand to stand in front of.  To do so is to face you:  you the judge, you the jury and you the executioner.

This is not fiction.

This is observable fact.

Introspectively observable fact.

For this reason t.h.e.y are actively against introspection.

To preserve and protect your own ego becomes your immediate job and so in this regard you have to become your own policeman; an internal policeman dedicated to protect and serve: to protect your ego and serve your self.

Make no mistake about it,  t.h.e.y  are out to get you.


Make not another mistake either.  T.h.e.y  are so easy to defeat it is almost a joke to even view them as an adversary once you see through  t.h.e.i.r  ways.

Granted, T(hey)H(ave)E(vil)Y(earnings) but since true evil is the absense of true good, to make the real good present in you all you have to do is worship reason and freedom.

Once this is done, T.H.E.Y are done.




oops ...


I guess I should say something about Herman Cain also.


I am disappointed to say the least about his political demise.


And though I'm saying he is "demised" this has been such a tumultuous pre-season for the Republicans and The Tea Partiers that I'm not ready yet to give up and admit defeat and biggie error in my prediction about Mr. Herman Cain being Seabiscuit 2.


It certainly looks like on November 7th, 2012 such is going to be my fate.


But, just for the h or it, I'll wait til then.


If Ron Paul could get a strong foreign policy VP I'd probably vote for such a ticket.


I will not vote for Newt and more than likely not for Mit Romney either.


I can see myself saying noa also but maybe not.




ps - if Romney is it it will be a failure not for the Republicans but for The Tea Partiers, and if Newt is it it will turn The Tea Partiers into one of the worst kind of hypocrite types there is--the ... ? ... the x kind.


Maybe X will be a new kind so that in the future "they'd" say so and so is a teapocrite ... naw ... this is even too goofy for me, so drop it.


Let me say instead, if Newt is it (and an "it" endorsed by the Tea Party) it will be the demise of the Tea Party.





pps - since I voted for Jesse Ventura for Governor of Minnesota and in the process of his time in office I discovered I'm old enough and smart enough and strong enough to not be "cynicalized" by others' behavior--especially politician's--so maybe I'll have to revisit the above ps to make sure I am not so succumbing.


For a kind of proof about my thick skin in this one area link this (which is a link from the pink line in the political road to unknown destinations in my Politics Venn).


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