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November 6th, 2012: Seabiscuit 2:

The Dark Horse, The Black Stallion, the Black Steed, the Seabiscuit of the presidential hopefuls the black American Mr. Herman Cain is going to repeat the Seabiscuit historical raceoff victory of November 1st, 1938 in the Presidential raceoff on November 6th, 2012.


I (one white American) predict.


Some say (I've heard) that Deering's (aka gAry deEring's) prediction capabilities leave something to be desired, especially in predicting literal horse races but since this is not a literal horse race, just a figurative one this prediction--as the first of its kind for Ary--might very well make him be 100% accurate come November 7th, 2012.


Mr. Herman Cain--so far in the race--is the best integration of what the Tea Party + Republican party is all about.


If you don't believe me go to his website and read for yourself: 


The primary duty of the President of the United States is to protect our people.


The role of the federal government should be to encourage economic growth by ensuring conditions that will allow businesses to thrive, not just survive.


Production drives the economy, not spending. Production is the engine, consumption is the caboose.


For the generations of workers who have paid into Social Security and Medicare, the federal government's inevitable failure to pay them as they retire is undeniably stealing.


Mr. Herman Cain not only is the only principled candidate running ON principles but he is running ON principles that we tea party enthusiasts can support with vim and vigor.

(I haven't officially joined the tea party yet but I am on the verge of so doing. That is, I am on the verge as in I think I'll wait and see how they the tea partiers respond to the Black Stallion, the Black Steed who appeared to me in a dream saying Yes, he can beat those other plugs hands down as he flew literally (in the dream) through the air giving me a ride on his back and even slowed down a couple of times to keep me from falling off).


V.I.M = very impressive man




V.I.G.O.R = vigor, lots of enthusiasm, as in


that is what it is going to take in order for us to hold in there for the long haul political season that is just ramping up and will crescendo at some point over the next year.


Mr. Herman Cain is my man and this PR is my suggestion that if you want to get on the Cain train early on go check him out at his website on your own.



Signing off for now = October 19, 2011,


Gary Dean Deering,

aka political-personality-yet-to-be-named and added to the growing list:

aka Gary Deering the world's first PsycHHology Engineer, aka gAry deEring the world's most consistent handicapper, aka Joshua Deer the world's best psychotherapy student, aka Tobe Determined other.sub.self's--that is, Inner.Projection.Enabled.Screens--as the need arises (e.g. thinking about a new one, gaRy deeRing the world's best BiO Spiritualism poet) and so on as I've already said aka political-personality-yet-to-be-named.



If Mr. Herman Cain's 999 tax plan increases my taxes I don't really care at this point because I believe it would open the door to the suggestion I made in one of these Commentary PR's more than TWO years ago: 


The lesser of two evils OR the better of two goods.


wherein I stated:


Perhaps, for example, in some future election, say, after the Country has been on a 10% flat tax for some years these two new parties can compete over who is the better manager of taxpayer monies and so during the campaign they could promise us voters, "... if you elect us Libertarians we will cut this rate to 9% .. or 8 ... or some such ...". The Capitalists then, or more precisely the 100% ofc faction thereof could campaign on the idea that the Constitution has to be changed, updated to include an Amendment that states in essence, "Congress shall pass no law abridging the right of free production" or some such battle between two such goods.


So that, as a concept the 9∙9∙9 can work and some future Tea Party Candidate can run on an 8∙8∙8 slogan and so on, down to the most optimal number less than or equal to 10% (e.g. 3⅓ ∙ 3⅓ ∙ 3⅓ that we free, self-responsible-know-we-have-to-pay-for-our-political-values-somehow people can get to with the slogan "if tithing was good enough for the church it sure as hell should be good enough for the state" or some such tbd slogan).



It's fun to be excited about a presidential candidate as I haven't been this excited since 1977'ish, when that excitement produced this:



                A PEOPLES POEM

          ( © 1980)


Democrats, it's been

           Near four years since,

           I went to the peoples '77 inauguration

           To see the peoples President.


           At that ...


and read on to experience my favorite stanzas as regards Republicans AND Democrats:



           They have floppy leaves,

           Entangling shoots,

           And stubborn trunks

           On reddish roots.



           They are -I fear -

           Those ancient hybridizations,


           With their blood thirsty roots

           Entrenched against eradication.


           My only hope, is to hurry


           To ask my pesticide suppliers

           To re-invent a new form of DDT.


           One that will protect me

           From that still distant

         imMORAL MAJORITY.


Libertarians, Will it ...


and so on.



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